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Pudgy Doodles:

I think what frustrates me most about this whole ordeal is how much they are basically screwing over the alicorn mythology they've been working on for 2 seasons, just to give one character the spotlight. Yes, they were never clear about how alicorns came to exist, but there is too much already presented for the 'earn their wings' root to Alicorn existence to properly take place, without contradicting previous episodes, and characters. it just feels like they are forcing this idea onto us, just to sell more toys, or advertise a new toy.

I should be overjoyed by Twilight getting wings, because 'earning their wings' for alicorns has been an idea I would of loved to have been in the story since the beginning. But, it feels like whatever idea that they had for Alicorns then, is being thrown out, for the idea now, just to make Twilight Sparkle, a super special, magical Mary sue to sell more toys.

That's another thing that is such a shame into loosing. Twilight, for me, was always walking a thin line between being a very well balance character, and a Mary sue, and although she wasn't my favorite, I still admired her as a character, and how much hard work was put into her personality. Even though this show was probably originally all about her, after the first episode, it really became about her and all her friends. The spotlight was always passed from one pony to another, and it gave me the message that Friendship works that way; it's not all about one person/pony.

But now, it truly feels like this show is not about friendship, it's just about twilight sparkle, with a few side episodes starring her friends.... And, I never felt like I would of ever said this before now, but... I really hope things change either in season 4, or that that's it's final season...
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Glorious Leader Luna

And there's supposed to be some sort of movie, revolving around Twilight's newfound alicorn-ness.

Point being, you can't say that her being an alicorn won't effect her relationship with the others.
At the time of Cadence's wedding, even though she wasn't a 'monarch', everyone around her referred to her as royalty, and treated her as such. Even after Chrysalis was found out.
What's to say that RD, Fluttershy, and the rest, won't feel the same way towards Twi?
And moreover, you can't say that it renders the term 'Princess' and their social hierarchy, completely useless.

Just because Cadence didn't do all that much doesn't mean that being a 'Princess' is nothing to fret about.
Maybe there's a reason that Twilight is becoming an alicorn, other than the fact that she's a very powerful unicorn, or things of the like.

There's a lot to speculate about.

The same logic why while they have saved Equestia countless times (and thus should be really higher than the princess on the social hierarchy)

No one really gives a dam about them

It twilight needs to be treated like a "normal" she will be treated like a "normal"
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Sunshine Peach-Heart
My point is, there are bigger things we need to worry about on this planet than what we can and can't show on TV.

So why is it so important to you that Derpy be included in the show again?
There are far bigger things to be concerned about.

Sunshine Peach-Heart
I kind of think eliminating her entirely is a bit if a far-fetched thing to do, in my opinion. They could have straightened her eyes out or whatever. They thing is, her appearance is not offensive. I can slightly understand how her speech and antics could be, but nobody will look at her and immediately say "OMG she's supposed to look disable how offensive.

Pretty sure that's what they did. They fixed her eyes and fixed her voice in the re-release of the episode she aired in.
But you're the perfect example of why that just won't suffice. You literally just said that it'd be fine if they just made her normal. But wouldn't that take away her most defining feature?
Keep in mind, all the head-canons, Derpy's entire life-story, her personality, and everything about her, revolves around the error in her eyes.
Also, it's obvious that people aren't supposed to see her and assume that she's disabled. Why do you think she survived in the background for so long?
It was the voice and personality that ended up being offensive to said parents.

Sunshine Peach-Heart
Also, it should be the parents' responsibility to help their kids comprehend what they are watching. My mom used to point out stuff for me on TV when I was young, marking stupid decisions people on TV made or mean things they did, or a portrayal of a culture that isn't necessarily accurate. More people should have a similar philosophy.

You do realize that you just defended the position of the offended parents?
They're being responsible for what their kids are watching. And they are definitely taking notice of one specific character. The parents are offended, but at the same time, they don't want to force their child to stop watching a show that they love. So, as a result, they go directly to Hasbro.
Lots of people share that philosophy.
Just like all of the parents that contacted Hasbro probably did.

My thing is, people don't realize contacting the companies that display these "bad things" isn't going to make them cease to exist. No matter how many parents complain, there's still people out there that may share Derpy's traits. Yeah, this portrayal may be a tiny bit offensive depending on how you look at it, but I honestly believe it was pretty benign. Besides, the air headed and klutzy character archetype is pretty common in children's cartoons. I just can't quite point my finger on how this was anymore malicious than any of the others I've seen.
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Sunshine Peach-Heart

Erm, if you haven't noticed, on the actual show of MLP, Derpy has ceased to exist.
The parents don't need to worry about the fan-made content, because their 3-5 year old children most likely won't ever see it.
And you're not really seeming to get my point.
Obviously removing an offensive character from a show, won't cause all the people who share her traits to disappear as well. Have you forgotten that for most of the complaining parents, their children probably shared those traits with Derpy as well? But it's the fact that she was named Derpy.

When's the last time that a cartoon character was named Derpy?
The fact that she was explicitly called 'Derpy' is what made this stand out.
A character, who had an ocular disability, who had a off-putting voice, and was extremely clumsy and oblivious, was labeled 'Derpy'.

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