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The show that has enthralled little girls, women and men! But why is this show so insanely popular? Well, did you think a show about ponies could be this good? Lovable characters, quirky humor, open-minded life lessons the young and not so young can benefit from and surprisingly detailed flash animation (those facial expressions and backgrounds!).

For many of us this show is a pick-me-up. After a crummy week it's nice to have something so colorful and happy to watch. And for others it's just a continuation of an already beloved hobby, G4 collecting with a fabulous cartoon on the side. And still others find artistic inspiration from this show: fanart, OC characters, game creation, cosplaying, G4 customs... So whatever your niche is, hardcore fan to only watching ponies out of boredom - welcome!

Question time!
♥ What do you think of the series in general?
♥ Who's your favorite character?
♥ How has Lauren Faust affected this franchise?
♥ What would you like to see happen in future episodes?
♥ Which episodes are your favorite so far?
♥ Who is your favorite minor or background character?
♥ Favorite song?
Feel free to voice any other comments, opinions or strike up new questions for people to answer.
♥ ♥ ♥ Episode News ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday ~ December 22nd: Apple Family Reunion

12/15/12 Wonderbolts Academy
12/8/12 Sleepless in Ponyville
12/1/12 Magic Duel
11/24/12 One Bad Apple
11/17/12 Too Many Pinkie Pies
11/10/12 The Crystal Empire [pt 1 & 2]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4/21/12 A Canterlot Wedding [pt 1 & 2]
4/14/12 No new episode this Saturday.
4/7/12 MMMystery on the Friendship Express
3/31/12 Ponyville Confidential
3/24/12 Hurricane Fluttershy
3/17/12 Dragon Quest
3/10/12 It's About Time
3/3/12 Putting Your Hoof Down
2/25/12 No new episode this Saturday.
2/18/12 A Friend in Deed
2/11/12 Hearts and Hooves Day
2/4/12 Read It and Weep
1/28/12 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
1/21/12 The Last Roundup
1/14/12 Baby Cakes
1/7/12 Family Appreciation Day
12/31/11 No new episode this Saturday.
12/24/11 No new episode this Saturday.
12/17/11 Hearth's Warming Eve
12/10/11 Secret of My Excess
12/3/11 Sweet and Elite
11/26/11 The Mysterious Mare Do Well
11/19/11 May the Best Pet Win!
11/12/11 The Cutie Pox
11/5/11 Sisterhooves Social
10/29/11 No new episode this Saturday.
10/22/11 Luna Eclipsed
10/15/11 Lesson Zero
10/8/11 No new episode this Saturday.
10/1/11 No new episode this Saturday.
9/24/11 The Return of Harmony [pt 2]
9/17/11 The Return of Harmony [pt 1]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5/6/11 The Best Night Ever
4/29/11 Party of One
4/22/11 Owl's Well That Ends Well
4/15/11 The Cutie Mark Chronicles
4/8/11 A Bird in the Hoof
4/1/11 No new episode this Friday.
3/25/11 Over a Barrel
3/18/11 Green Isn't Your Color
3/11/11 A Dog and Pony Show
3/4/11 Show Stoppers
2/25/11 Stare Master
2/18/11 Sonic Rainboom
2/11/11 Feeling Pinkie Keen
2/4/11 Suited for Success
1/28/11 Fall Weather Friends
1/21/11 No new episode this Friday.
1/14/11 No new episode this Friday.
1/7/11 Call of the Cutie
12/31/10 No new episode this Friday.
12/24/10 Winter Wrap Up
12/17/10 Swarm of the Century
12/10/10 Bridle Gossip
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My god I know it's my little Ponies and I know it's for girls (I'm not a girl just my avatar is) but I like this show.
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Manly Pitcher

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i remember the old show from a million years ago XD ..so from time to time i watch this one..its cute and somewhat intertaining.. its very different..but its not bad..
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******** MY LACK OF CABLE.

******** THIS s**t.
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I know what you mean, when I first saw it I thought I was about to cringe too.

But as I kept watching, the storyline was actually pretty decent.

I think my favorite so far is Fluttershy, but that was because I one episode that was dedicated to her when trying to talk to the dragon. xD
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This user on Youtube uploaded every single episode to her channel. Enjoy for those without cable.

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Oh my god I love this show. But my family thinks I'm joking around when I say that and refuse to believe that it's any good. I'm also too scared to bring this up at school.

Anyway, I like some of the morals of each episode. Like the Apple-Buck episode, that would've pertained to me until a few years ago!

My favorites so far are Rarity, Nightmare Moon, and Zecora.
This show shows that cartoons that target girls can be fun and enjoyably without being too girly. Really I wish the girl targeted shows of the eighties and nineties were like this.
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Chatty Explorer

I cringed too when I saw the first episode and even when I first saw the art. D: As a classic MLP fan, I didn't like the new "modernized" version at all not just in the cheesy, pointy flash animation style but the overused voice acting, character types (Twilight Sparkle just made me mad), plot, etc. As girly as the original My Little Pony of the 80s and 90s was, I like it better than this one, which caters more to a slightly older audience. But meh, that's probably just me being old school (and I'm not even that old xD).

All in all, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends + My Little Pony ≠ a good show, in my personal opinion.


I was VERY skeptical at first. In fact, I was bashing it. I had watched some of the other new my little pony's a bit ago and they were TERRIBLE!
After gaia advertised hub network, I couldn't help but look at the site. Around there i started playing the my little pony game they have there where you go through town and create your own pony. What got me to watch the show was in fact fluttershy's character design. I fell in love with it. I awwwww'd and went to go watch an episode. And the first thing I saw? MAN PONIES! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! From that moment on, I swore I would watch every episode. All because of flutter shy and the man ponies.
Gray Jay

Question time!
♥ What do you think of the series so far?
♥ Who's your favorite pony?
♥ Do you think Lauren Faust has done the franchise justice?
♥ What would you like to see happen in future episodes?
♥ For returning characters, are the changes to personality and appearance good?
Feel free to voice any other comments, opinions or strike up new questions for people to answer.

-I love it. I'm going to go as far and say that it saved the my little pony franchise.
-Fluttershy and Macintosh (wait a second... I just had an Epiphany)
-I think lauren faust should do more cartoon. She did great with the series. She brings realistic characters and situations to the show. I love all the ponies and the little silly plots.
-^ because of that one up there, I want fluttershy to get a crush on Macintosh. I know this sounds nooby fangirl, but I think it would be the sweetest thing ever. heart d'awwwwwww
she would admire his work with animals and... and... eek It's too cute!
-I think a simpler art style was the way to go. I usually dont like the flat 50's look that all the cartoons have nowdays, but it works for this series. To have a large unicorn princess. aaaaahhhh.... and to actually have a formidable villain (for the first two episodes) eeeeee and all the ponies have diffrent personalities that arent "yay lets go shopping." Not to mention it's easy to tell all the ponies apart, unlike the other series.

I liked the show so much, I drew a little humanized Pinkie Pie
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Dapper Lunatic

I was very skeptical of it at first since the My Little Pony franchise has been going down hill recently, but I absolutely love this show.

~The ponies have unique and interesting personalities.
~It's not all about candy and parties like the G3 show. *gag*
~The art style is different, but still cute, unlike the bobble-headed G3.5s.
~And I'm very happy to see little things incorporated from the G1 line. Like when Applejack said "pony feathers" and, of course, Applejack herself.

I really hope Hasbro decides to buy back the rights to some more old characters, but either way I'm loving this show and I hope it goes on for a while.
It's become my end of the week pick-me-up.

I think my favorite is Fluttershy, but I definitely have a soft spot for Applejack.

Zakora is cool as well.
I was excited about her cameo in "Swarm of the Century" and I'm hoping she'll be a recurring character.
I'd like to see more of Luna and the nurse and spa ponies too.
The Lesbian Mafia's avatar

Dapper Lunatic

This show shows that cartoons that target girls can be fun and enjoyably without being too girly. Really I wish the girl targeted shows of the eighties and nineties were like this.
I don't think the original My Little Pony and Friends was very girly.
My Little Pony Tales had a lot of kid/teen drama, but still not nearly as girly as new shows.

I'm not one to believe all that brainwashing mumbo-jumbo, but with the shows young girls watch nowadays I can see that generation having no higher ambitions than looking pretty and going to the mall.

Like, I personally love the Monster High franchise for the dolls, but from what I've seen in their diaries and that AWFUL book it's supposed to be based on and even in a lot of the episodes it's mind-numbingly superficial and brainless.

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