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Hey, let's rewrite the episode before we even know how it's written.
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Thank you Lauren~ This is why I love you. >/ Your right, hasbro is wrong. razz
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This is why you don't step down from a project that you start/create.
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It's more of a, even if she's going to still be with her friends, she'll be looked upon as a princess since she's an alicorn.
Backround ponies with gawk and look with awe, her friends will (maybe) act different with her.
And she'll feel like a sore thumb if she stays in ponyville.

Or she'll go live at the castle with luna and celestia so she can learn the ways of being an alicorn. And her friends would have to take a train all the way to canterlot to see her, which takes time and money.

Either way it sounds like a shitty idea that hasn't been thought through, but I digress.
I don't really care.
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I'm totally fine with it and seeing people flip their s**t over alicorns in general. emotion_dealwithit
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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

This is why you don't step down from a project that you start/create.

Not like it would matter what she wanted to do, anyway. If Hasbro wants a princess they get a princess. >> Despite what everyone on Deviant Art seems to think, Hasbro owns the property not her. They made the Transformers Prime writers compress two seasons worth of what were probably well-thought-out ideas into one whole season. It was still good and they did their best, i believe, but a lot still felt rushed. The reason they did this was because they wanted to start a brand new line of toys introducing beast Transformers. Although the fan-reception to that wasn't nearly as bad as the Alicorn thing. It was quite the opposite, actually. This is because we'll be getting some badass-looking robotic dragon(s) that make even Megatron crap bricks.
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Twilight sparkle confirmed for Mary Sue.
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I just don't feel that Twilight should be an alicorn, but if they did, I will NOT be mad, nor cry about it.
My reason for saying "no" is ... I don't have much to go on besides the already said quotes but not as strong or critical (I was hoping to say "no" for the right reasons, but it was just impulse). I'm not gonna hate the show, and the writers just because they made an allegedly bad decision. I have some faith in the writers, but I don't wish for something to please only me.
I'm looking forward to the episode though. It may turn out well?
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Murasaki Alien
-_- Sick of seeing these threads. So what if Twilight is a Princess? Shut up, and enjoy the show, and write your own fanfics if you hate it that much...-_-

I think I love you! Your words of wisdom must be spread all over the fandom!

Personally I'm loving all of this. Even the Derpy issue. I'll miss seeing her in the background but it's nice Hasbro is doing their own thing with the ponies again and no longer listening to bronies. If this seasons stink-bomb episodes were any evidence as to how well it went.

I dunno. Too much executive meddling could easily kill the show. Or at leas the fun and wonder that the show has brought to thousands, if not millions.
I'll see how I feel about it when the episode airs.
I'm guessing it may even be a little gimmick like the crystal pony thing. Sold some toys, moved on.
Even if she stays an alicorn, the background ponies dont seen to notice the mane six as being heroes who saved equestria multiple times, so why would they treat Twilight differently just because she sprouted wings? Things would probably go on as usual.
at least she'd be a better princess than cadence, i'll give her that much at least
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Alright, I'm going to be serious for once. Huh, that felt weird to type.

Anyway, the fandom just needs to calm down. Do fans love Twilight because she's a unicorn? No. The reason they/we love her is because of her character. The fact is, Twilight still has a lot to learn, and we'll still be along for the ride. Doesn't matter what she looks like, she's still our Twilight.

A common (very common) complaint I've seen is that Twi becoming an alicorn would give her too much power. What they forget is that Twilight is already obscenely powerful.

Now, going off on a tangent: Tara, do whatever it takes to get Morgan Freeman as Twilight's Royal Canterlot Voice.

As for Twilight leaving her friends, I think we can trust Tara on this.
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She will only be an alicirn temorarliy from the way they make it seem
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A common (very common) complaint I've seen is that Twi becoming an alicorn would give her too much power. What they forget is that Twilight is already obscenely powerful.

yeah and the whole "This makes her special than the others thing"

Because the most powerful Unicorn in her time Trained by the Head of state Babysat by her niece who then marries her brother, can teleport as easily as she breaths, lift an ursa minor and hundred of gallons of milk, reverse gravity and bring down a whole town with a single want-it-need-it spell.

Is the ******** same as a Pony who works on a bloody farm and bucks trees
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next season will deal with twilight abusing her powers and her friends having to make the ultimate sacrifice and use their friendship to rid twilight of her new found godly powers. To help with the process of destroying process they must team with discord (fluttershy having befriended him plays into the plot) . All of equestria in not in chaos but in a uniform almost soviet union like state. Everything is precise and overseen by the Alicorn twilight. Celestia being overpowered and imprisoned can do nothing, Luna is in hiding but will help the mane 5+ discord to try and stop twilight for she feared the young mare wasn't ready for such power to begin with. It all ends with them finally reaching through to her and riding twilight of her powers, showing their friendship has grown so much, then the next level of training begins, enter : Boys/boyfriends or just the lessons of Love~

lol i dont know what im typing im just bored as heck =P

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