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How many other Bronies and Pegasisters do you know in real life?
My school is filled with some so I'd guesstimate around 20-30 ish in each.
One of which is my girlfriend, and another is my best friend since I was around 5 years old.

Also on a side note DTD:TO (click Get Dusty in my sig) is starting on chapter 5.
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I have a few friends that are bronies too.
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Just one my BFs brother lol
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None. crying
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gaia_crown Both of my room mates and the entire lounge of people that I associate with on my college campus. About 35ish? gaia_crown

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Only two, and I don't really get to talk to them much. sad You'd think that there were more on a college campus, but it seems I picked a bad campus for MLP lovers.
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my little brothers friends little sister who's like four. lol
I am a pegasister because of her. emotion_c8
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I know one, but he's 17/18 so I don't hang around him that much.

My friend likes MLP a little bit, but isn't a brony. Lol. Most kids in my school either don't know about MLP or when it is mentioned laugh at it.
None, thankfully.
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Most of my friends are bronies. :3 Including my boyfriend~
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Not too many over here. I only found them because of my pony keychains.
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Just my brother, who started to get into the show because I was watching it.
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Hmmm i'd say about 4-7
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My little brother and sister are pretty obsessed. And then there's quite a few at the youth group I help out with along with 3 of my friends in Cali and my boyfriends brother. Oh and his friends too. I guess there's quite a few that I know.

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