xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME :
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : This isn't my oc ponies but rather my friend's. Her anniversary is coming up and I am doing an art collage.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Her name is betty and his name is jay
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE :These are their ponieshttp://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/602698_523939560972865_1117473740_n.jpg
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK :For her(the blue one) music notes and for the black one the L from league of legends
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : She is sweet and easy to make blush he is a smart mouth and witty. They both are suuuper nerds
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : normal I love your style
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : I would like something really romantic cutesy maybe her blushing and he is kissing her cheek or something like that
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE :60K if that is not enough let me know