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Sinfulcraft's avatar

Loyal Wife

I have a question. I suppose ponies that are half pony and half something else are things you wont draw? Or would you consider it?
I love your style, but I'm seeking art of my newest OC.
And well, she's in my siggy. She's half pony and half snake.
Would you be able to draw her, or would it be a no?
I just figured I'd ask to make sure first >.<;
iamhayrae's avatar

Aged Poster

I have a question. I suppose ponies that are half pony and half something else are things you wont draw? Or would you consider it?
I love your style, but I'm seeking art of my newest OC.
And well, she's in my siggy. She's half pony and half snake.
Would you be able to draw her, or would it be a no?
I just figured I'd ask to make sure first >.<;

Half snake would be no problem. . . It would probably be easier than a normal pony. . . But at this moment I am not drawing until Resident Evil 6 is beaten. I do apologize.
But after it is beaten I will draw~
Sinfulcraft's avatar

Loyal Wife

No worries. ^^
Have fun beating it~
Sir Sagrell's avatar

Romantic Demigod

Blarg.... xp
metalette's avatar

Sparkly Member


♦Quote Me.....

Please tell me your still open gonk
I have 4 ponies I would love you to draw<3

......To Summon♦
Slow still means open, so I will post a request in hopes of being picked^^

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Yoyo Illuser
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasus...
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Yoyo
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3]
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : [A yellow yoyo]
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY :
                            Adamant and full of energy, Yoyo still tries to remain polite towards other ponies, generally using more formal means of speaking with others. Though she tends to get overly excited/hyper when something of her interest comes up. From Fillydelphia, Yoyo is best as performing tricks in the air, but lacks pure speed when it comes to flight. When not practicing her flying, she loves reading, especially mystery books such as Sherlock Holmes, eating cherries, and playing her red DS. She is shy when her tail is mentioned, and above all else refuses to take of her hat.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE :
                            Normal full body pic in your style please, I absolutely love how you draw! The colors are so soft, your work, so amazing~
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE :
                            Laying on her stomach facing forward, with her front hooves on her cheeks.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 200k
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA :
                            Please always keep her hat on, and her hair falling over the particular eye that you see in the pics. Yes she has a tiger tail, it was a magic accident...
metalette's avatar

Sparkly Member

Here is mine too<3

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME :metalette
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Zebra
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Red Beard
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : None
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : An ace card with a skull on it.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : Funny and smart,likes heavy metal,hates things made from wicker and sushi.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : normal
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Like this with This guitar & screaming
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 60k
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA : Please draw him with a blue background w/ thunder and a copper colored beard.With the hair on the head and tail medium to dark brown please.
                            Also I would like to order 3 more pieces,now or later whichever you prefer.
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's avatar

Precious Sweetheart

9,100 Points
  • Love Machine 150
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Generous 100
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Draw me some sexy crickets. emotion_awesome
sasuke24684's avatar

Hygienic Millionaire

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : sasuke24684
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Unicorn
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Bubble Mint
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE :
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : A news reporter microphone with the letters "PTV (Pony TV, a paradoy of CTV)" on it. See reference for more detail.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : See reference's artist comments/description <33
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : Normal if you please, darling.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Bubble Mint is a news reporter! A classy pose that makes her look like she's in the middle of reporting a news-breaking story would be amazing. She uses her magic to keep the camera/microphone afloat by her side.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 60k + tip when I see the art 'hon <33
Teh Mippi's avatar

Gracious Lover

8,350 Points
  • Citizen 200
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Forum Explorer 100

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Lovely Lady Venus
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Earth
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Bubbly Snacks
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : link!
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : choclate chip cookie and a bottle of pop
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : charismatic, excitable, bubbly
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : normal-fullbody
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : sleeping on a marshmellow! biggrin
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 250k + 10k tip
But everyone likes gold biggrin
Koleda's avatar

Magical Demigod

User Image
Might as well try to get picked. heart

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Koleda
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasus.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Snowball.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : xxx
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : A snowflake.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : Optimistic, Picky, Friendly.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : normal fullbody.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Standing or make it look like she is galloping. Or do what ever.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 100k.

RinC09's avatar

Partying Conventioneer

8,600 Points
  • Conventioneer 300
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Signature Look 250
if you cant draw the fillys head in the head shot then im fine with just my 1 pony please and thank you :3

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : RinC09
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Unicorn
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Topaz Letter
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : [x] [x]
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : [x]
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : a few words
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : headshot possible couple?
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : kissing filly's head or if not sticking tounge out and winking
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 10k-30k?
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA : if able can your draw my little filly head being kissed by Topaz Letter
Magooalou's avatar

Lonely Loiterer

10,050 Points
  • Bunny Spotter 50
  • Friendly 100
  • Happy Birthday! 100

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Magooalou
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Deer
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Metsa
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : This is the one thing I've got so far.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : None
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : Sort of shy, Very sweet, good-natured, kind-hearted
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : headshot
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : it's a head. there's not much to be done with it is there? razz
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 10k
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA : n/a

For when you're done with your video game~
Good luck~ :3

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : II OkUrO_KuN II
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasus
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Heartbeat Howl
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : Hur and hur
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : You can see it in the first reference picture.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : Extremely nice and caring.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : Normal :3
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Howl is a few inches taller than Snowy, so maybe looking down at her or just them nuzzling, cuddling, smiling, you know, all of that cute stuff.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 80k

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Roxykun
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasus
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Snowy Heart
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : Ner and nerr
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : in the references as well.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : She's quiet and shy but very loving with Howl. Just adorable.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : normal
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Shy or playful with Howl. Again, you know, something cute.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 80k

Here's a reference of them together and for Howl's colours and whatnot. Erm, It's 160k for the couple art. Plus a little tip when seen.

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