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                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : De Chimera
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasus
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME :Sullen Vow or Shadow Faith
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : my avi, grey body , black and white tail and mane, average build, bit taller then most ponies. blue marking along his upper legs, blue long feathers black short feathers.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : Silver cross with black slashs over it.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY :He is a priest of Luna's court. faithful, true, steadfast, clever, cunning, has an adorably dorky side with ponies he likes. He lost his left eye while defending the temple when Queen Chrysalis attacked.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Walking, wings folded, with cross hanging from his teeth.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 70?
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA : scars on his ears, shaggy hooves
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Dangerous Hunter


Heh, you have, what a weird coincidence.. (I adopted her from a Deviantart user, so..)
Anyway, thanksies.
The thing that makes me feel stupid, my bad english makes me always feel stupid here, is that, i do not know what tint and shade colour means.. and google translate wont help me.. D:
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Aged Poster


I adopted Pavel from the adoptable shop here, from Dave.

Well. . . If I used grey on the pony, it would make her look dead or ghoul-ish, that is just how it looks the way I draw it. . .
So I am asking people to give me a color to use as kinda replacement.
You know how some people draw Princess Celestia Pink?
It's sorta like that, but I make sure that the original color is more pronounced.

In my Art Post, the Process one?
The finished picture, that OC is white, but I gave him an icy blue tint because it was just horrid all grey and white.
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Aged Poster

De Chimera

A bit of a challenge since you don't have a reference. . . But I accept!
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Lonely Shapeshifter

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De Chimera

A bit of a challenge since you don't have a reference. . . But I accept!

i know that's why i'm posting more gold than needed, i'm not able to draw him myself right now so...pay someone else to do it!
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Dangerous Hunter


Well. . . If I used grey on the pony, it would make her look dead or ghoul-ish,

And that is just how i made her.
Her body colour is meant to be a plain, grey ghoul-ish colour, because it suits her special talent.
The pink was ment to be 'The only thing that was colourful about her'
I dont know what i would feel with the coat more with another -blargrlabalalbala- tint.
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Aged Poster


Well. . .If that is how you want her. Then that is how I will draw her.
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Shameless Lover

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                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME : Explicit Escritoire
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Unicorn
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Explicit Escritoire
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : See Below
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : Also See Below
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : She's a clopfic writer, but she's not really interested in doing what she writes about. Despite the fact, she's very flirty and she dose love to tease your eyes by doing sexy poses and the such.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : The one you feel the most comfortable with
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : Facing away from the viewer, looking back with a soft blush. I want it to be a plot picture, but without any of the obvious details. It's going to go into my signature, along with a "Plot Worshippers" counter.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 40k
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA :
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The minute I saw that you draw zebras, I was like emotion_dowant

But then I scrolled down to your "Won't Draw" list.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

You don't draw gryphons...I can't have a drawing of Oromo without Devlin anymore...it'd be like fish without water...
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Dangerous Hunter


Just a hurry notice! Dusty's mane is dark red, not brown, as some people see it as.
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Devoted Consumer


Oh, I'm afraid I don't have the funds to buy art right now.
Well, I do, but I've been trying to gets lots of gold to help a friend. So far I've got 'er 700k or so in the past two days.
Anyhoo, I'll buy art from you as soon as I help her finish what she's doing.
I promise smile
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Devoted Consumer

                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME :
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE : Pegasi
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME : Quiver and Tremble
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE : I'll show you in a bit.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCUTIE MARK : Three hoof marks going all different ways.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY : Tremble is very cheerful, but also ignorant in the way that she's oblivious to most things. Quiver is more quiet and collected.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxART TYPE : Full Body colour Couple art.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE : It'll be in the extra section, just wait.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE : 25k because you said I'd get a discount for that Pavel [or was it Parel, well I can't remember]
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA :
                            Well here's a ref:
                            User Image

                            THAT'S JUST A QUICKLY DRAWN REF.
                            But that is Tremble and her genderbend version named Quiver.

                            I was 'thinking' about getting art.
                            I might, not sure.
                            But yeah.
                            For colour refs:
                            User Image

                            That has her coat colour, body outline, hair colour, hair outline, and her eye colour.
                            They look the same with Quiver, except I was thinking his hair would be slightly darker near the tips.
                            This is her appearance reference (except use the colours I gave you in that other ref):
                            User Image

                            Both Quiver and Tremble's hair touches the ground.
                            I don't care how big of a picture it is.
                            I'd like it so that it is rather big enough to show the detail in them an all.
                            I can always resize it on my own accord so it's fine if it's gigantic smile
                            They can be doing anything,
                            just nothing mega romantic like kissing or anything.
                            Like they and be leaning on each other while sitting looking in the direction of each other,
                            or they can be flying together:
                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                            ^ That was just a concept art You can use it since that's pretty much the pose I want.

                            I should add that they have large wings. Like, they're longer than for example RD's wings when they're at her side. So they have larger wings than an average pegasi, obviously because of the weird gene they have where they're both very tall. But yes.
Miss Sing No's avatar

Hilarious Genius


                            ' DRAW my PONY
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUSERNAME :
                            Miss Sing No
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPONY TYPE :
                            Full Body, Halloween
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNAME :
                            Mint Flare
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxREFERENCE :
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPERSONALITY :
                            Very short temper. Very short.
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOSE :
                            Something like this,


                            (That means headshot, if that changes the pricing at all)

                            The normal side expression like THIS, and the messed up side being like this, and the other side like This.

                            I want it to say, on the normal side, "Don't worry, guys," and on the messed up side, "I AM CALM!"

                            If you can do it in teal/black? If not, black/Red.

                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPRICE :
                            30k + tip
                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEXTRA :
                            I suddenly couldn't afford what I wanted before, so I change my order altogether.


Extra note:
LOVING the Halloween style. I'll order another one, when I get more funds. <3
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Chatty Smoker

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  • Signature Look 250

yeah, that's right. emotion_dowant

Anyway! Flar won't be able to draw stuff for a week. Cool your jets with the orders until then heart
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Aged Poster

YES! It finally let me log in!

But yeah. . . I won't be able to draw. . . Two reasons.
One : My Tablet pen is glitchy and while I can draw, it takes me longer, but I can and will still draw. . . But Reason Two. . .
Two : Resident Evil 6 is my muse and my life. And I aint doing s**t until that game is beat.

I would have never opened my shop due to RE. BUT! I had no idea that my dad bought me a copy.
I thought I was gonna have to wait until he slept to play so I opened my shop to kill time until I could play, but I got a copy.
Best Thing EVER!

But yeah. . . No art until I beat the game.
I am very sorry!

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