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I play an orange Ibanez 5 string electric bass.. I hate orange but I like the way the bass sounds.. It has a very round and fat tone and with brand new strings on it it's my absolute best friend smile I prefer a Fender either jazz or precision bass because the strings are closer to the frets and it's easy to do all my techniques and stuff on.. I play alot of shows I play on mostly my 5 string but I have a Peavy Millennium 4 string that me and my dad made fretless and I am currently workin on an old bass I have which I forgot the name of the brand but I'm giving it a paint job, fixing the wiring and getting a few spare parts so it can be good as new smile I have like 4 basses to my name lol cuz my dad and one of his friends both gave me a bass and my ex boyfriend gave me his bass.. Got lucky on that one lol once I decided to play bass people jus started giving me stuff.. One day I'ma get a really big amp maybe with like 4 huge cabs and stand on top of them and do a rock concert with my friends like I'm queen on the world!!! Then I'ma get down and play a whole set of reggae music and sing my heart out like Jacob miller and bob marley!! biggrin
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Oh hell... i expect fights in this thread, but anyway!

I play the acoustic guitar.
I own a Jay Tr customized by me.
It has a fair quality, not bad, not impressive,but it's very reliable it never lets me down.
I do too heart heart biggrin biggrin
I play acoustic/electric guitar and the cello :3

I had a band when I was a freshman. Then I was back-up vocals, and lead guitarist.

Singing used to be part of my life, until I began screamo and my voice got messed up razz
i play the cello and the ukulele!
i dont currently own a cello of my own, but i have a lanikai ukulele.
i also sing a lot!
I've played clarinet for nearly 7 years.
I've tried oboe.
Tried violin.
Play a bit of piano.
I was just switched over to Tenor Sax for high school band.
And im currently learning flute. biggrin
I play mostly flute, but also piano and guitar. I study music full time.
Drums, and bass.
Pretty meh at both.
I play acoustic guitar. I just love it.
I have a local brand but it's fine.
Still in the process of improving.. sweatdrop
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GH Bagpipes.
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I play
a little PianoKeyboard
and others of the percussion family

the Drums where the first instrument i learn to play by my own i did went to a music school but i didnt learn anything useful. i did learn by myself i played songs of the bands that i like also videos and start i imitating the Drummers of the bands that i like and did alot of air drumming i didnt have a drumkit but one day i tell my mom i wanted a drumkit that was when i was like 13 or 14 years old when i was 16 in my birthday i was in school that day i was in the last class to finish then my mom appears at the door and says lets go i have something to show to you and it was a Drumkit. I been playing for like 3 to 4 years the same drumkit at the moment i wish i can buy a better one like a TAMA or DW which both brands are great and have great sound and quality. the best brands in drums i know are DW, TAMA, GRETSCH, PEARL and DDRUMS and in cymbals ZILDJIAN, SABIAN and PAISTE and in drumheads REMO and EVANS. ive played in three bands and im still in the third one. biggrin
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I'm not talented with anything else other than drums.. >__<
I only know how to play piano and is trying to master it. I might consider learning violin too.
I play oboe and banjo, with oboe being my main instrument and banjo being my "fun times lets learn something new one". tbh banjo is much much more fun to play at this point simply because I'm just messing around with it, but hopefully later this year I'll have the opportunity to play the banjo part in Rhapsody in Blue with the youth symphony I play oboe for.
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I sing classically. I'm heading in the direction of being a full lyric soprano. Sometimes I like to sing jazz and musical theater, though. I'm also learning the piano, and am probably going to start guitar sometime this year, since I'd like to be a music therapist.
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I mainly play the drums, have been playing for almost five years but I also kind of dabble with piano. And I also write music that I'm not skilled enough to play myself. 4laugh

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