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I play Clarinet and I am learning Piano. I am trying to learn violin sometime soon though.
I mostly play the alto saxophone, but sometimes play soprano for band when I need to. I'm a bit rusty on my piano, and am also planning to learn the violin because my brother doesn't touch his anymore. I mean, free violin waiting to be played, what else should I do with it? lol

I really would like to learn how to play trumpet, cello, and french horn though. redface I already know how to hold the trumpet and make an adequate enough embouchure. wink
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Guitar and bass are my main instruments! I also really enjoy playing the drums. Dabble a bit in piano. And I like to sing. Though I'm not entirely great at it. xd Oh! And I played violin when I was about 9 until I was about 13. Probably would have no clue what to do with one if someone handed it to me these days though. razz
I play Flute, Piccolo and I have a glass piccolo & a wooden native flute smile I've been playing for 13 years
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Mainly vocals and a bit of guitar.
I also just started my first year of violin lessons c:
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I play mainly acoustic guitar, as well as some harmonica (and let me tell you, harmonicas take a lot of air to play). All the songs I play on the guitar I have taught myself, although I have my first actual lesson this coming Friday. With harmonica, I mostly play by ear, or if I don't know what note to start on, I'll play around on my keyboard until I get it right. I played a variety of instruments in elementary school, including the flute, french horn, trombone, and clarinet. They offered a few others, but I never tried them out. I am able to play a few songs on a recorder, but they are simple ones, like Amazing Grace. I wouldn't mind learning how to play the violin, although most of the songs I play on the guitar are slower.
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Well I mostly sing, so it doesn't qualify since my mic is equipment, not an instrument. Its a nexxtech. I also have a classic yamaha. I'm only just starting to learn on it.
I play the piano. I own a beautifully crafted Chickering piano. It is fairly old and in great condition. I inherited it from my grandmother because she knew I loved to play! 3nodding
I also sing! Its one of my favorite things to do(:
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flute! ; u; i dabble in piano and guitar, and i'm pretty good on ocarina, but flute is my one true love haha ^^ i sing as well, nothing professional or anything but i'm decent
I play a mean guitar and do some bass on the side as well. I'm known for stealing the drummer's sticks for an epic drum solo once in a blue moon. I also sing somewhat. Well, as far as you can call it singing of course
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e-guitar and e-bass in the band, and I also play classical guitar
I'm a band geek, so I play various instruments! Primarily, my main instrument is the flute (and that is what I march with.) But I know every woodwind and three brass instruments. lol
I've been playing bass for a while and I prefer Gibsons but I just get a new schecter damien platinum 5 and it's so fun to play

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