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I play Guitar and a little bit of Bass Guitar. I'm not too brand orientated but my current favorite's are Ibanez and ESP/LTD's.
I play guitar and the drums
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Piano and Flute biggrin
I play tuba, valve trombone, bass guitar, a titch of electric guitar, and 4 scattered years of piano.
My piano, trombone, and tuba are Yamaha's, My bass is a Peavey (it sucks), and my electric is a fender Stratocaster affinity series. I like piano best!
drums and guitar

drums :5 years

guitar :6 years

the drums ninja ninja
I play electric guitar, I have a Yamaha EG 112. Its not a great guitar but i've only been playing guitar for a year and a half so I'm not going to bother getting a reaally fancy one..

I also play clarinet
jawharp biggrin
recorder flute thing(they forced us to do it at school)
Trombone and a little bit of pain... I mean, PIANo.
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come join us
I play violin (acoustic and electric yay!) for 5 years, piano for 10 years, guitar for 2, and i hope to play cello. also a little bit of electric bass + guitar

i really heart violin the most!!! my main instrument. my acoustic violin's name is veronica.
no wisecracks. domokun

lololol xd
I play Bass and guitar (cause my guita player sucks and i have to write all the music!) and i have to sing ( sweatdrop im not that great at it ...) oh and peavey anything is my brand!
I play:
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I like my Titano, but wouldn't mind a hohner wink

Acoustic Guitar:
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That sticker's no longer there, but a bunch more are.
I'd like a martin, if i could afford it.

Electric Guitar:
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I'm happy with my epiphone SG, but a nice Gibson blues guitar would be nice.

Baritone Ukulele:
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Indiana for the win!

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I hate hate hate Yamaha!
I want a roland.

Harmonicas: I only play Hohner. wink

Acoustic Bass: Dean Playmate EAB. Awesome, fun & relatively Cheap.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also do Vox. not well, but I do.
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Guitar! Woot! My baby is in my sig!
I play the violin. Don't like it? Well, my violin doesn't like you either.
Jiko Ardok2212
I play the violin. Don't like it? Well, my violin doesn't like you either.

My violin doesn't like me either.
I can't play the damn thing.
It pisses me off.
I disowned it. This is why it's not in my list.

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