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I'm playing Acoustic Guitar at the moment. Been playing drums on Rock Band to get a feel for them, and will eventually learn to play those. I also play Steel Drums since our school has them and I said "why the hell not?" Been extremely fun instrument to play, would recommend it if you ever get the chance. Other than that... not much.
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Have Your Pi
I'm sure we've seen enough of them, but this will be the official place, from now until the end of time, to discuss the instruments that you own and play. 3nodding

Topics that fit under this sticky:

~ What kind of instrument do you play?
~ Post pictures of your instruments!
~ What specific brand of instrument do you play/prefer?

Any threads that duplicate these topics will be recycled as repeats.

Woodwind heart
tenor saxophone heart
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Lonely Prophet

I've done guitar for about four years now and i'm loving it. I have an acoustic epiphone and an electric-acoustic greg bennet. Would definetly reccomend playing guitar
I play guitar. Starting to study classical style.
I've got a Squire Strat but I'm hoping to get a 7 string Ibanez 3nodding
I'd also like to start learning cello. Sounds awesome with all kinds of music (Apocolyptica wink )
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I play organ, keyboard and piano.
Here is my piano medley of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Hikaru Utada Green Day and Beethoven


In this video I play on a Sauter grand piano

Another piano rendition of Mariah Carey Without You:


It was played on Schimmel upright piano

My rendition of Taylor Swift Safe and Sound from The Hunger Games



Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/spianomusic
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/stevenpianomusicpage
Website: http://stevenpianomusic.tumblr.com
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the electric kazoooooooooooooo
I play the trumpet, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, and suck at piano (my synthesizer is siting in the corner of my room, dusty and waiting till I get better with my piano lessons aha).

Can anybody buy me a red and white Rickenbacker 4003 electric bass? I'd really appreciate it...
I play guitar. I'm a guitar heroes. no i'm joking..
check this out

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I play a 12-string tanglewood can provide pics soon smile
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still the electric kazoooooo
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I play the flute! mrgreen (not the wooden ones, the long silver one.)
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I play percussion and I love it to death :3
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Violas up in there ? .-.
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I play the drumset and currently have a green Rockwood set. I'm also in my school's marching band, where I played cymbals this year and plan on playing tenors next year. 3nodding

I also technically can play the piano, meaning I know which keys play what notes, but I haven't practiced that in years... sweatdrop Same with trumpet. But although I stopped playing those, my past experience with them means I can actually read music well.
I play the flute and the piano and some saxiphone.

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