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i forgot 2 put i play
-and trumpet 4laugh whee
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yum_strawberry yum_puddi I play the clarinet and a little flute. I love playing on a Yamaha horn. Always seems to play better. Maybe it's just me... yum_puddi yum_strawberry
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I play piano and clarinet, and have dabbled in tuba. I have been playing clarinet for 5 years, piano for 3, and have been reading music for 6. I am part of my high school band and love it. GO THS BAND NERDZ!!! 3nodding
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violin and flute heart
Guitar, recorder, harmonica, piano, sing, and I sign to songs (it takes a lot of practice, it's like another form of singing XD). I want to learn many other instruments though.
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clarinet and piano! biggrin i want an r13 some day... sigh. so expensive.
Guitar, Piano and FL Studio rofl .
Piano, xylophone (ew, I know, but I can do petit chien and turkish march on it so does that count? It's slightly, very slightly impressive..) and the ukelele. I'm an underachiever and proud! ;D
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i play piano and clarinet and i played viola for a year, i also sing and occasionally write songs but i don't think there are very good and no one really knows that i right songs anyways but whatever
I play:
~Guitar: I use a Yamaha, but I'd really like to get a Spanish guitar <3
~Piano: I think it's a Haddon Hall? or something?
~I took percussion for a little while (Bells) but I got totally bored with it
~And of course I sing
I play clarinet the most, though I do play other instruments as well.
Im a bass player
I play the piano, keyboard, guitar, cello, bass, violin, harmonica, and I also sing. It might sound like a lot but keyboard/piano are basically the same, so are the bass and the cello.
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oh, let's see... i play the violin, the viola, the cello, the upright string bass, the saxophone, the clarinet, about any other woodwind instrument except the flute, and i dabble a bit on the piano.

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