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i play the clarinet and piano. clarinets don't really care what brand as long as it's black and has a nice sound and feel to it. the piano i like the common brands Yamaha etc. grand pianos are elegant but you have to be fancy on the inside to look fancy on the outside. that's why i have my cute little piano on the wall behind me.
I sing in a choir called San Fransico Girl's chourus,play bass ang guitar.
i have only two Acoustic guitars xd
I study classical voice; thus, my voice is my instrument biggrin No need for a microphone here.

I also play piano, though not particularly well; it's required for me degree >.<
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i play a lot of instruments
i play euphonium,bplat clarinet,piano,marimba,mallets,trumpet/cornet
but i'mma quit euphonium and trumpet and lead with clarinet now
Well, i like to play a lot of instruments. Whether or not i play them well is another story.
Bass Guitar(About 2 years)
Guitar(A year or so)
Piano(On and off over the years)
And um.. other stuff
Piano and acoustic guitar. I haven't got an electric one yet as I'm still learning. (:
I play the violin, drums, guitar, piano, and the sax.
somehow i've managed to learn five instruments: guitar, flute, bass, drums, and piano.

my preference for brands?

flute and piano: no preference

drums: Pearl

electric: Fender
acoustic: Martin

I also sing. my sis says i suck, but everybody else loves my voice. i think it kinda sucks when it comes to super-high notes.
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The only instrument I play fluently is violin. xp
I own a violin, a 3 keyboard organ, two acoustic guitars, a recorder, an accordion, a trombone, and a clarinet.

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i play piano,and i sing a bit=) im taking piano lessons every Saturday at 11:00 A.M=)
Guitar<3(I fell in love with it =D)
Vocals(I have loved singing since I was like 3 =])
French horn(Been playing it for almost 6 years now biggrin )
Mellophone(Marching season ;D)
Some piano/keys(I play by ear, hahaa/used to take lessons)

Guitar-Def. Gibson <3 I love flying vs ;P
thats about it...xP

I love music <3
I play:
The violin- For six years.
The piano- For ten years.
The guitar- For a year.
I play a alto saxophone. I love playing it. heart
I just started playing clarinet 3 years ago.. anyone got any tips?

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