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Being in a metal band i think that it's important to have a name that's totally ******** badass but different from the rest. Like... COLDARA.
Goddamnit, have some originality.

That is all ^-^ sweatdrop
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Random word generators might help. It's easy to find something appealing and then make associations.
Depends on the music u will play!
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I want to start a band, and it will most likely be three or four guys and me, if everything works out as I plan...Which it hardly does. But anyways, I"m a girl, and I'll be the drummer. It's going to be an alternative rock band, and I need some suggestions for a name...Our music might be meaningful, but considering we are a bunch of stoners and nerds, probably not.

They want it to be a Queen tribute band, and call it Rising Mercury, but I hardly believe we're good enough for that. Even though I adore Queen. <3

We've also thought of Green Survivors, Tail End of a Head, Dismemberment, and Roasting Bush....As you can tell, we ******** fail.

Help me? 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding

Have you thought of "Dusk to Dust?"
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fallen abyss
My band is a Metalcore/Hardcore band

We have two name ideas: Create.Destroy.Rebuild and The Ocean's View

Though a bit off topic of help with my band name. The whole genre thing helping with a band name is semi right but there's a band called ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Which doesn't sound like the name for an alternative rock band. Yet it is.
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The Set!!!!!
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Mangled Banana.... just saying. whee

Omg arent you wearing darkened cello(or some other instrumental irem)??
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Find a disease name and find a name that rhymes with it.

Like "Cholera Laura".

And then make it that name and the somethings.

Like "Cholera Laura and the Handbooks".

I just totally made that up. 4laugh
weeoo yay for booze
mae it ******** cool, yunno? like the bands name could be an acrynym of another word ? like H.I.M.

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