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Morgan Nicole's Music.

Hey there. I bet you're wondering what's going on here. Well, I've been making music since middle school, and at twenty I'm finally ready for you all to see it. I'd like to say, without being too egotistical, that what I've made is pretty cool. It's not professional, it's personal. It's not perfect, but I like it. I've been trained in music theory for two years (not long really), I'm self taught on guitar off and on for at least five years, and I've played the violin since middle school.

Since I recently found out I have cancer (after having two heart transplants), I figure anything can happen. I'd like you to listen to my music; give it an honest chance. If you don't like it, that's ok. It's not for everyone, even if you think it's s**t. I'll ask you to close the window and move on to another thread. If you think it's a little groovy, hit me up. My dream before I die is to someday get a song or an album officially published.

I have 23 additional songs on my computer which I haven't shared, and hundreds of bits of paper with partial and completed poems waiting for music. So just talk to me. I bet we'd make excellent friends.
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Not bad, most of them are actually quite good - but I'm rather turned off by the 'HEY LISTEN TO MY MUSIC BECAUSE I'M A CANCER SURVIVOR' bit. (Even if that wasn't your intention, that's what the title of the thread sounds like.)

Congratulations to you for working so hard despite what you've gone through, honestly, it is a wonderful thing, and your music is lovely, but f I'm going to listen to your music I just want to listen to the music - I don't want to have thoughts like 'wow, she had cancer and wrote this stuff,' 'gee, I wonder if it was leukemia, or NH lymphoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, or osteochondrasarcoma, if it was bone cancer, I wonder if she had to have something amputated,' or 'hmm, I wonder if she wrote this while she was undergoing chemo' bouncing around in my head because it honestly detracts from your music. I'm too busy thinking about you with a stump, IV catheter and a shaved head to put my full attention on your music, and it makes me feel bad about critiquing it.

Now, you could always say 'Don't focus on that, I'm just a person and this is my music!' but you made it about the cancer with the title of the thread. .

Mother: I love the guitar line in the beginning, it reminds me of Be Thou My Vision, one of my favorite hymns. The driving rhythm in the background really carries the song through.

Hide it: Very cool, wavering between unsettling and spooky (because of the key/mode you're in.) The duet part is very effective as well. Your voice could use some work in regards to breath support, although if you've had several heart transplants recently, I imagine your lungs and abdominal muscles aren't quite healed up yet.

Kiss Me: The vocal 'duet' is really powerful here, and I love how the song builds and builds and then suddenly and simply ends. Very effective.

Down to the Water: I love the guitar, you've got a pseudo-bluegrass thing going on. If your voice were a little stronger on those higher notes, that would really take it to the next level.

In Time: This wasn't one of your best ones - I think it's a great song, but I'm not sure you were up to really doing it as well as you could in this recording. The tempo is very unsteady (perhaps a bit ironically) and you're occasionally off pitch: Sharp when you go low, and flat when you go high.

Love: I think you might do well to pitch this a half step or so higher - your low range seems to bottom out above where you need to sing for this song.

Galaxies: VERY cool, and very different in style from your other music - this is where your training in music really shines through. Admittedly, I'm a bit unfamiliar with this genre of music, so I have less to say about it than other styles, but I found your 'orchestration' to be very skillfully put together.

Homeland: Interesting... it reminds me of a techno-interpretation of something Jean Sibelius did with his piece Finlandia. Finlandia starts very quiet and tumultuously, with lots of generally strange things, and slowly he starts to add in more consonant lines until the consonant lines come together to form a hopeful hymnlike section-signifying Finnland's uncertain beginnings and subsequent transformation into something great. Yours similarly starts quietly with a fair amount of .... not dissonance, but 'weird' sounds, and as the piece goes on, you add in those hopeful synthesized sounds until it all sounds generally... comforting at the end. Very neat.

All in all, your musical training, in both theory and practice shows through, and with some work on your vocals, these could really do well in the popular circuit. I wish you the best of luck in all that you do, and I hope your cancer goes and stays firmly in remission. If such a thing is impossible, then I wish for nothing but your comfort, success, and happiness through the rest of your days.

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