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I'm a drummer at heart, but I recently picked up a mandolin in hopes to find something a bit more portable and melodic. I'm in love with it, but because it's fairly obscure and guitars are so cookie-cutter, no one knows good mandolin insight anymore. On top of that, I'm not really a fan of bluegrass, which is where you'll find most mandolin tracks, so new information and techniques are kind of lost in the internet now. So now I come to you, fellow mandolinists, to help me find some inspiration for this lovely instrument. To the rest of you, try one out. You may actually like it.
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Clarinets... heart
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One of our school professors played mandolin. It's a lovely sound. I don't play that but I like hearing others play it along with koto and sitars.
Not related to mandolins but I'm planning on getting an erhu this summer hopefully. smile
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I'm teaching myself to play, but I actually enjoy some bluegrass music, or modern folk.
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I know a mandolin player who doubles on guitar and banjo.
There are a lot of instruments that are slowly being pushed out by the stream of music, and the small appreciation left for older instruments. However, I don't think that any will die out unless we completely forget about it. Teach it to your kids~
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I wouldn't say it's a dying art.
I have at least three or four friends who bought their own within the last year.
They do sound amazingly beautiful though, and they're really fun to play.

This is a good example of why they're so ******** beautiful.
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Ever hear of the band Flogging Molly? They have a mandolin player.
they are pretty popular at my school
but i guess that is cause hipsters try and be unique and w/e

i have been teaching myself banjo
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mandolins are too expensive.
unless you get a lame entry level one (like i have... dat intonation)
I've been wanting to get one for a while now. It's just such a lovely sound. Any tips for a mandolin newbie?

Also, have you heard of Nickle Creek? There's some fabulous mandolin playing there. But I'd only suggest their first album.
Also, also, here's good use of a mandolin.

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