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Brand new song I did... been working on it for awhile.

It's a trio of Oboe, Harp and Cello.
I'm not going to lie. I got misty-eyed listening to the finished song. This is very personal to me.

I hope you enjoy it.

If this song had to be about something... let's say that sometimes friendships are so strong... even when something inconceivable happens on their part... and they have no way to appologize that would seem enough... something like this comes about. I had a dream where a character in a book I'm writing, after struggling for a long time whether or not was a hero or a villain... saw that he had killed the protagonist... In the end, his sorrow was so great... all he could do was sing this song. It broke my heart, but it changed the way I look at 'em. His miracle tears of sorrow healed the protaginist.

I love my imagination. smile Please enjoy!