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Distinct Gaian

Hey everyone; I'm looking for a classical style guitar. I've been playing flamenco style without a pick more and more but I would like to find a traditional style nylon classical guitar that has the wide spacing. I'm using a nylon string guitar (not mine), that more suited for using a pick, because it has string spacing similar to an electric guitar.

Yes I can use my fingers with this spacing on the guitar. I have been using my fingers, but its not working out very well. I'm not looking to spend a huge amount of money on a classical style guitar, (Around the $350 range),but I want one that is built to play really well. Not so much worried about the sound or the look of it.

The only thing that I would really like to have is high fret access because I play barre chords past the 12th fret. Fret access is a big deal for me because I play most chords high on the neck.

Thanks, for any information that may help me! smile