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My mother liked a lot of ABBA, and my father liked classical music, so I grew up having been raised on very... interesting music, should i say? ._.
Celine Dion. <3
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Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, etc. However, I stopped listening to rock as I got older because rock is s**t.
Rock/metal music for the most part. Still love it to this day, but my taste has gotten a lot more varied than my parents.
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I was a kid raised on the 60's and 70's artists. Lots of Sinatra, Elvis, and Johnny Cash, I despised them as a child, but now I really love them. Funny how life works.
Punk, New Wave, Goth stuff 'cause of my father. Also Squirrel Nut Zippers.
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Chinese folk songs and some were very pro-China and glorified Mao Zedong.
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My mom was into christian music and Celine Dion. My father liked 80s metal. What a combination! xd
16-bit video game music
Some 90's, a bit of 80's on my own

But my parents were (and still do) always listening to Asian (esp. Chinese) pop, classical music, smooth jazz and jazz fusion, flamenco, and most of all, new age. And Santana.
Definitely raised on 1990's Top 40, or anything that was wildly popular in the 1990's... stuff like EMF's "Unbelievable" Len's "Steal My Sunshine", Train's "Meet Virginia", Fatboy Slim's "Praise You", Sugar Ray's "Every Morning", Spin Doctor's "Two Princes"... "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins, "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smash Mouth, "What's Up" by Four Non-Blondes...

That stuff from the 90's can not even compare to today's music. Artists had no Autotune or any studio enhancements to help them out.

Seriously, I would take this stuff over today's stuff on the radio. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I seriously miss the alt-rock/alt-pop/alt-rap of the 1990s that can't even compare to what's being circulated today...

I was seriously a grunge/alt-rock era kid growing up. Only people my age (early 20s/teens) can appreciate the sheer genius of the music of this era (1990-1999). Only now after hearing whats on the radio these days can I truly appreciate the incredible originality of the music put out during the 90s...

People actually had to learn instruments and sing without knowing a computer could correct everything,,,

/end reminiscence/
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Thanks to my dad, a lot of bluegrass and blues music.

If my mom had had her way, it would've been Bruce Springsteen and Journey D:
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We used to have the oldies station on all the time where it played stuff from like the 50s-70s. I always found it weird how in TV shows and stuff, it'd have the kids be mortified over their parents' music while I'm enjoying that stuff.

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