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oh where to begin,
incubus, bush, led zepplin, metallica, staind, smashing pumkins, pearl jam, disturbed, nirvana all that jazz :3 i was a well brought up child xD

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Most of my family plays guitar and would always listen to,

Pink floyd
Dire straits
Deep purple
The Beatles
Led zeppelin
Black sabbath

bands like that; It's shaped what I listen to today, for the better.
I was raised on Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and America (the song Horse With No Name is about all I can still stand from them) for the most part as a little kid. When I got to elementary school I unfortunately went through a bit of a country music phase that was stabbed and brutally murdered by the time I hit high school. From then on its been primarily metal from 70's on up (mostly bands from Europe), and some 80's pop (when it sounded decent and only a select few bands at that).
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I listened to a bit of everything growing up. Pop, Classic Soul, Some Jazz, 1980's/90's R&B, Hip-Hop, Some Rock (I was exposed to bands like Queen at an early age) Now, l listen to anything that sounds good to my ears.
Green Day, Blink-182 and The Offspring. I still love all those bands. Oh and Teenage Dirtbag was like, my favourite song ever xD
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Ehhh my only problem with most current music is
what its saying. i don't agree with all the sex talk and stuff.

Oldies or current. There has always been sex lyrics in many songs.
I went through different phases when I was little, and I believe they went like this:
1. '90's hits (fffuuu)
2. Female singers and rock
3. Classic rock
4. '80's metal
5. I'm currently still obsessed with most types of rock and metal. Yaaaay.
Punk mostly. Both of my parents were really into the British punk scene back in the day and my older brother got me into the Jersey punk scene...
Foo Fighters
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rage Against The Machine
Smashing Pumpkins
I grew up listening to Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette, what was on the radio. Mother would play Celine Dion and Whitney Houston

Then all those boy and girl bands: Spice Girls, Boyzone, Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, A1, M2M, too many to list. I used to watch a show where you had to watch all the music videos to collect sort of hints and at the end of the month you mail them in-- if you get chosen, you win a huge prize. I remember a lot of bands, though I didn't end up buying all their albums

Also went through a Japanese music phase: Glay, Morning Musume, Utada Hikaru...
Age -11: Whatever was on radio was fine, so a lot of late-80s and early-90s pop music. I also had a fascination with the soundtrack from Fantasia.

11-13: mainstream pop punk

13-16: pop punk, first-wave punk, oi punk, hardcore

16-19: post-punk, post-hardcore, bebop

19-20: post-punk, prog rock, bebop, and a little bit of black metal and doom metal.

20-21: post-rock, math rock, shoegaze, post-punk, folk punk, minimalism

21-present: ambient, kosmische musik, minimalism, post-rock, post-punk, shoegaze
My Momma Was a Kid
when She had Me and
All I Remember Listening
to Was Britney Spears ....
And Other Pop-Tastic Crap ..
i was raised on dadrock

good thing i stopped that s**t quickly
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i grew up listening to 70's/80's and 90'smusic with a hint of trance as well c: and a bit of rock.
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My parents were very open minded when it came to music. What I was raised on spans from Ministry to Patsy Cline and from NWA to Fleetwood Mac. Many more in between.

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