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Do you like them? Do you dislike them?
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Like them, but I don't listen to them often.
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"Ich hab' euch etwas mitgebracht...

I only know their song "Kids". I like it though.

...Ich hab' es aus meiner Brust gerissen!"
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They have a couple of good songs /and remixes.
I like them.
Haven't listened to them in a while but I used to have both their CDs.
They were really good CDs
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I guess my name is Oscar
Like them, but I don't listen to them often.
they seem like 2 cool guys and i hope they keep moving in the direction they went with their second album
I like their stuff, but haven't listened to them in a while. My favorite song is "Kids." XD
I like their first cd and I need to check out their 2nd disc. My favorite song by MGMT is Weekend Wars.
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I love them. (: One of my favorites.
Sperm Germs
I love them. (: One of my favorites.
That's awesome. I bet you're cool.
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My opinion? Get high, then listen to the song. It makes a everything clear.

Just kidding, I dont like them
Like 'em!!!!
Do you like them? Do you dislike them?

I have their first album and it is all pretty much gold. The second album was a little disappointing, but that happens with a lot of sophomore albums.
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I really liked their first album, but I've heard them waaaay too many times, and I feel annoyed whenever I hear them.

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