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Shy Fatcat

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I heart Kpop!! Especially Super Junior!
xoxo heart Yesung heart
my favorite genre is smooth jazz xDD
and yeah,i liek Kaori Kobayashi coz she's rlly good at saxophone xd
I like listening to J-rock. Songs of UVERworld and NICO Touches the Walls. smile
my favourite song is little lion man by mumford and sons
My favorite bands are Runrig, Wolfstone, Muse, Coldplay, Evanescence, Darude, and Donnie Munro.

My favorite songs change with the weather, but currently:
Runrig - "Wall of China"
Runrig - "Amazing Things"
Enya - "The River Sings"
Enya - "Ebudae"
Wolfstone - "The Prophet"
Wolfstone - "Piper and the Shrew"
Muse - "Resistance"
Muse - "Bliss"
Coldplay - "Viva la Vida"
Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"
Evanescence - "Lithium"
Darude - "Feel the Beat"
Donnie Munro - "On the West Side"

Sorry, can't choose just one. rofl

My favorite genres are Celtic rock, rock, prog rock, new age, neo-classical, classical, oldies, and bluegrass.
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Sparkly Gekko

My favorite genres are hardcore, or pop punk.

My favorite bands are Ceremony, Title Fight, Have Heart, Trash Talk and Joyce Manor.

And my favorite songs are
Kersed - Ceremony
Crescent Shaped Depression - Title Fight
Watch Me Rise - Have Heart
Destroy - Trash Talk
Constant Headache - Joyce Manor
Chemicals - Tigers Jaw
my fave band: Maroon 5. just because I love their music and adam Levine is hot!!
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Hallowed Lover

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My favorite bands are-
*Papa roach
*Madina lake

I really dont have a favorite genre I like mostly songs with a good lyric
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i like the band all time low they are hands down my favorite band
Fantastic Baby - Big Bang - K pop
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Bashful Informer

My favorite genre would have to be Deutschpunk (German Punk). Great punk scene, starting from 80's, and continuing now. Alot of politically charged lyrics (From West/East Berlin split, originally), very fast-paced and full of energy.

- Terrorgruppe
- Die Ärzte
- Slime

Would be my top bands, in descending order of best to pretty darn good.
i LOVE japanese rap like:
- shing02
-tiger g
-kanon wakeshima
-Beck ( anime band)

for alternative i like:
- coldplay ( clock , yellow ,fix you ,hurts like heaven ect.)
-frey ( you found me)
- gorillaz ( dare , clint eastwood ,feel good inc.)
-the killers
-fall out boys
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Dubstep is the best !! You guys should really listen to Massive attack paradise circus zeds dead !! ♥.♥

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