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my favorite band is definately linkin park,that band kicks a**.

my favorite song is by limp bizkit though,it is called "break stuff"and since i always feel like i wanna break stuff,it goes good.

since i like both rock and metal those are my favored genres
My favorite singer is Enya, she sings New Age. My favorite songs are: Orinoco Flow, Caribbean Blue, Wild Child, Only Time...
More or less my favoirte genre is alternative, with my favorite band being Radiohead. However, I could never just name any one song by them as my favorite.

Some other bands I like: Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, The Postal Service, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Cranberries, NIN, and Garbage.
i love music, i like to listent to mostly punk tho... my fav bands are hoobastank, yellowcard, sugarcult, the hives, linkin park, the ataris, enrique iglesias smile , godsmack, slipknot, trapped.... and lotz more
I listen to a whole lotta music, but I really like allll kinds of reggae. Roots is fun to chill out to and dancehall is fun to.. dance to.
What really irks me is when people only see reggae as Bob Marley... Bob Marley is awesome, but there's more to reggae!
I listen to lots of genres like: rock/punk/pop/industrial/trance it depends on my mood. right now i'm listening to yellowcard but it'll change later cause of how i feel.

PM me if ya like any of those genres biggrin
My favorite genre is rock and my favorite band is SOAD my favorite song being Sugar by SOAD
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my fav genre is punk rock my fav band would hav ta be blink182 ur rock tom travis and mark and fav song donno almost all r good
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bye i hav shared my soul
linkin park with breaking the habit is great and the music video is the best
Song: Estranged by Guns N' Roses
Band: Guns N' Roses
Genre: Metal
i like punk rock!!! and metal!!! domokun and any other songs or people that rocks..like GC or BLINK182..OR SLIPKNOT..DROWNING POOL!!! scream it makes me want to scream!! sweatdrop sorta cool
my favorite bands: are W-inds and Tackey &Tsubasa

my favorite song: is either "Orenji no Taiyou" Duet by Gackt and Hyde or "The Love Bug" by Mflo and BoA

My favorite genres: is J-pop and J-rock

biggrin smile 3nodding
i like emo.....best band of all time would be Taking Back Sunday

Dear God... TBS are one of my favourite bands! =3

Others I enjoy are AFI, Something Corporate, Alexisonfire and Kill Hannah.

Emo and Alternative are my favourite types, but I'll listen to anything that sounds good.

My favourite songs are Ghostman on Third by TBS, Morningstar by AFI, Space by SoCo and Kennedy by Kill Hannah.

afi! rocks! ilove.. smooth criminal

Fwee. =3
linkin park with breaking the habit is great and the music video is the best

i agree

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