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I like rock, some rap, & some country......mostly hard rock/metal, classic rock, some alternative

Favorite band would have to be Pink Floyd.

Right now, my favorite song is Someday by Concrete Blonde
umm... I like all kinds of music... but mostly Rock and Industrial rock becuz i'm a guitarist and stuff.... NIN is the best band in the world
I love the bands SUM41 and The Cranberries... heart
I don't really have a favorite song.. ninja
But the genre would be Punk and Rock.. 4laugh
Band: Eels
Song: Mr Brightside-The Killers or Mental-Eels or Flyswatter-Eels
Genre: Rock in any shape or form whee
Band: Green Day
Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Genre razz unk
My fav genre is rap/hip hop.

G-unit, ruff ryders, aftermath, and bad boy r da best.
I also like rock and R&B

Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, and Billy Talent r good.
I like mostly rap, r&b stuff along that line...my fav artist is Usher, and fav. producer 'Lil' Jon
i like emo.....best band of all time would be Taking Back Sunday

Dear God... TBS are one of my favourite bands! =3

Others I enjoy are AFI, Something Corporate, Alexisonfire and Kill Hannah.

Emo and Alternative are my favourite types, but I'll listen to anything that sounds good.

My favourite songs are Ghostman on Third by TBS, Morningstar by AFI, Space by SoCo and Kennedy by Kill Hannah.

Fwee. =3

tbs is amazing infact i wuz just listenin to them...i also like breaking benjamin...doesn ne1 ekse? i havent found ne1 who likes um as much as i do...im such a loser haha o well

-plays New American Classic on mi guitar right now-
i have WAY too many favorite bands, songs and genres to post here. lets just say i like EVERY song band and genre.....except helloween. domokun
I love Rock and Industrial music.
But I listen to other stuff too though.
The bands I listen to alot are:
Evanescence (duh)
Finger Eleven
The Syrens (I doubt any of you have ever heard of them.)
Collective Soul
KMFDM (rock on razz )
Linkin Park
Bryan Adams
And alot more....there are some misolaniouse(sp?)
Songs I like such as
Run-Snow Patrol
Thoughtless-KoRn (<33333!!! LOVE this song)
Cradle of Filth - Her ghost in the fog
Josie and the p***y cats -You don't see me
Sarah McLaughlin - In the arms of the Angel
I think my favorite songs of all time though are:
Thoughtless-Taking over me-Whisper-Hello-Breathe no more-Goodnight (by Evan)-and a few more by Evan. But thoughtless is #1 on my list of songs. Cannot live without it.
The old sticky got deleted sweatdrop So here's the new one.

I want you to tell me what kind of music you listen to. What songs are special to you and do you have a favorite genre?

Tell me a bit about the music you like and if you see somebody with the same taste, approach them. Have a conversation because that's why there's a Music Forum. To bring people together 3nodding

hey my name is morgana and my favorite kind of music is Metal/ punk/ rock and alternitive. alot of the songs i listen to are angry or depressed one of my favorite bands is The Cure... if you dont know them then you should look em up they are really cool.... ok well thats all

I like Celldweller, which is heavy metal. Have you heard of them?
band: social distortion
song: "reach for the sky" by social distortion
genre: punk/hardcore
Greeley Estates , Without You , Post Hardcore / Screamo / Emo
I love Nirvana greenday, godsmack, and korn.. but there are lots more

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