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Anybody in to them? I know I am 3nodding
If so, what are your favorites by them?

My favorites :

throwbacks <3
Those are my favorites too! 3nodding Although my mood depends on whether it's acoustic or not.
Positive K >>>
I love Relient K! :3
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one of the few christian bands i can actually listen to. (hail,satan)
My favorite song of theirs is Mood Rings. It always makes me smile. ^_^
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I don't listen to them much, but Sadie Hawkins Dance was one of the staple songs of my adolescence. 3nodding
Good band.
They have a lot of good songs. I like their album Mmhmm.
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Sadie Hawkins dance is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I like a few more too ^_^
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Oh my gosh im not the only one who loves curl up and die!!! and any of their songs are amazing!!! their karaoke album is great, and i got it autographed (i didnt actually meet them, i bought it from an autograph company)!!! they're like my fave band of all time!! i heart thiessen!!! heart

This song is perfect. It's gotten me through alot!
Love Relient K smile
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Aiko Ilagan
one of the few christian bands i can actually listen to. (hail,satan)

Satan is a buttwad
Go listen to The Chariot

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