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Do you like One Direction?

Heck yeah!!! Their amazing talanted/attractive guys. 0.61352657004831 61.4% [ 127 ]
No! 0.24154589371981 24.2% [ 50 ]
Never heard of them... 0.14492753623188 14.5% [ 30 ]
Total Votes:[ 207 ]
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Hey everyone!
So yeah this is just a topic about One Direction.
I know that I definitely love them. I started liking them in November of 2011.
I found them out through Tumblr and ever since then I can't get enough of them.
Do any of you like them or hate them?
Lets discuss!!!
They're my obsession. I love Louis (and Larry Stylinson. /COUGH). xD
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yeah Zayn <3
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I think they're all cute. blaugh
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I've seen them around, but never got around to listening to any of their music.
I can honestly say that they are sort of...my guilty pleasure (seeing as I am NOT typically a fan of teenage male singers *coughJustinBiebercough*) My friend got me listening to them, and now I love them. I like the way their music makes me feel, and I think that they are talented. Also, I like how their music isn't about sex and drinking. I don't know, I just love them. Simple.
vas happening?
- itzcole
vas happening?

What's a "vas"
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I like them all, but I have to say Louis has my heart right now haha <3

            harry styles is my baby <3

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