Why don't we have a pop forum? Why don't we have a rock forum?!

Well ladies & gentlemen, the answer is.... We do! And you're in it RIGHT NOW.

That's right, the main music forum is the Rock & Pop forum. That's because these are without a doubt the largest, most actively discussed genres of music, on Gaia and elsewhere, and you need as much room as possible to stretch out and talk!

All genres of rock & pop can be discussed in this forum, from punk to synth pop to 80's rock n' roll.

If you're looking to discuss something a little more niche, then we do have a variety of subforums that you can access at the top of the forum. But to make life a little easier, I'll give you some links!

Metal Music Subforum - Discuss your favorite metal acts from all over and the classic bands they owe their existence to.

Rap/Hiphop/R&B - Come here to talk about your favorite Rap and HipHop acts!

Electronic Music - From Breakbeat to EBM to four on the floor and more.

Country/Bluegrass/Folk - For discussions on Country, Bluegrass, and Folk music, both traditional and new.

Soundtracks & Musicals - Discuss the music that makes anime, games, and movies great!

Classical/Jazz/Blues - The place to talk about Jazz and Classical music, both old and new.

International Music - Discuss J-pop/J-rock, and other International music with no US domestic release.

Independent Music - Discuss Independently released music or musical acts not yet signed to a major label.

Musician's Forum - Discussion for musicians!