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Mumford and Sons are a bunch of hacks. No wonder people hate the banjo.
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I cannot stand rap. I find the beat sounds too generic. Sure there is a few songs I can deal with, but not when every song sounds the same. Also a rap artist that speaks proper English would be nice. What is a gotti anyway. >.> It is just a bunch of people threatening or trying to make themselves look cooler. My goodness. A 3 year old has better people skills then some of these guys.
Don't like Justin Beiber, One Direction, or Katy Perry. (I used to like Katy Perry, but she started being unoriginal with Roar. "Let's see how many inspirational songs we can fit in one." Ugh. unoriginality sucks! The other two I've always disliked...
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Kpop. I used to be okay with it but then it started becoming obnoxious. Especially since they're ******** popular as hell in my country. It got really super annoying when two of my friends started obsessing with it and won't shut up about it. Not just them tho,my fb newsfeed would sometimes be full of korean idols. They tried to convert me to their fandom but it's not gonna workkk!!! What a nightmare.
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K ******** POP
I just ******** hate it to the core.
5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction. Most boy bands. I don't understand how or why people like them 😒😒😒
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I don't really hate a lot of musicians except Bieber, Kanye West, Robin Thicke, and a few more that are generally obvious.

I sort of dislike Katy Perry's new songs, 5SOS (they're everywhere but they probably aren't bad people), and One Direction.

Also, as a side note, I don't really like I See Star's music. This might sound a bit hypocritical but I don't like the lead singers voice.

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