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I hate Justin Beiber... Bieber, how ever the hell you spell it, One Direction, and just about every single singer or boy band like them. Nothing original about those bands or people. They all sound the exact same. The majority of bands that you hear on the radio aren't that great. They're basically the same three songs being replayed every single day. Half of those singers can't even sing live. It's sad that people like that get noticed, while people who actually have a voice and are capable of playing an instrument are never heard of.
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When I hate a band, it's usually because of their fanbase.
I don't like K-Pop, newer boy bands, or rap. I'm also not a huge fan
of death metal, but only because the people that listen to it feel the
constant need to tell people how obscure and heavy their music taste is.
I hate Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and One Direction. They're talentless. Nicki minaj just tries to get more views on youtube by shaking her a** for a whole 3 minutes. She really is desperate. I hate Orange Caramel too evil
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2 Chainz. ******** 2 Chainz.

I have no ******** idea what anybody sees in him. His lines are barely tolerable at best ("She got a big booty so I call her big booty." What?), his beats are s**t, and I'm Different is just absolutely ******** ironic. In the hook he just says "I'm different" and "Pull up to the scene but my ceiling missin'", and then raps about typical rap topics. Dope Peddler is an absolute train wreck, and HE'S APPEARING IN EVERYONE'S ******** SONGS!
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Iggy Azealia is something awful. She is so inconsistent on her speech patterns when she sings live, you can absolutely tell she is faking the accent. It's so bizarre and really tells where the "entertainment" industry has gone. I wish it was thought of more as an artist community. confused

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