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Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag--That song , honestly is retarted, he sounds like he's choking, its just sounds terrible to me, plus it doesnt help that the radio stations overplay it
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Eminem, Chris Brown, and Tyler the Creator.
For the obvious reasons; they're douche bags.
Deathcab for Cutie sucks. Someone please take them off the radio. I don't think I can take the corny lyrics and the no-talent vocalist any longer..
i do not danse to music i listen to it i memerize all the words and a ittle fangirl and i love botdf.i am listin to them well i am writing this.i love pretty much all there songs.the sexualness just adds fun.plz keep hatin because haters make us famous
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Just the Way You Are ~ Bruno Mars

I'm probably one of the only girls that doesn't like this song, but whatever... it annoys the hell outta me. His voice is so whiny and... ugggh. I don't need Bruno Mars to justify the way i am talk2hand
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Justin Bieber
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i hate black eyed peas
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Coldplay. Taking Back Sunday. Papa Roach. Muse. They all bite. End of story.
I hate so called Dubstep fans, who only listen to Skrillex. Makes me want to go punt a baby.
Country music. Dear god, country music.
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Even though she makes quality pop (or at least her producers do), I kinda can't stand Katy Perry.
taylor swift, ugh.
Crappy pop music [ie. Britney, Rihanna, etc.]. I rather listen to Dubstep for 5 hours straight than listen to that crap.

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