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Anyone know what song plays during the deleted/original ending of Sucker Punch?
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Nope, does anyone know the song that Scott pilgrim plays against the vegan evil ex, in Scott pilgrim vs the world?
anyone like nevershoutnever?
who doesn't love nevershoutnever? smile Their new album, Indigo, comes out this fall smile
Well, there was this one korean song that went
"Lolli lolli lolli, lolli lolli lolli" and then a bunch of mumble jumble.
Help? :l
It's Lollipop by Big Bang (feat. 2NE1). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wee4TOi-mkc&feature=related
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Well, there was this one korean song that went
"Lolli lolli lolli, lolli lolli lolli" and then a bunch of mumble jumble.
Help? :l
It's Lollipop by Big Bang (feat. 2NE1). ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wee4TOi-mkc&feature=related

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      I've been wanting to know this song forever now.
      It goes...

      "I let you go
      And I will wait for you tonight

      Smashing doors"

      Something like that. I tried looking multiple times but I can't get the right song. I heard the song in Hollister and it just stuck to me. I dunno the band/genre/etc. But I assume it would fall under the same genre as P!ATD and the like. Please help me. =___= This song has been eluding me for years.

      Rofl...I think I'm a derp. I guess the song is Send my Love to the Dancefloor by Cobra Starships.
      And apparently the lyrics are
      I let you go
      And I'm still waiting for you to find
      There's nothing more
      That this time that is right now.

      Although if I'm wrong, let me know guys rofl.
Heard this song today..
It goes:

If this is love, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

Or something like that. It's the song that plays on the promotion for Mistresses (not the drama, the reality series).

Edit: Found the video here! STILL can't identify the song!
really don't know
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At 3:06 on the video does anyone know what song this is here? I heard it playing in France and the crowd cheered the ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bum part but I want to know the song. I'm pretty sure the lyrics were English and the ba ba thing is from the guitar.

I think the song starting was seven nation army
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I heard this from a store and I liked it.
It kinda goes like this
~Let me hear you say na na na.
Let me hear you say yeah yeah yeah
Can't get you off my mind~
This also plays as the background song of the Beelzebub Anime advertise on AXN or Animax.
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Hi guys~ The forum is pretty quiet but I'll post this here and cross my fingers. whee
Ignoring the video, would anyone happen to know the name of this opera song? I'm providing a Youtube link here.

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lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll cool
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Hokay, so I work at an Old Navy, and there's a song on the playlist that has a female singer, it's very pop-rock-y, and the only lyrics I can glean from it are "Nah - Nah - Nah-Nah-Nah - Nah-Nah - NahNah - Nah-Nah-Nah - Nah-Nah". It's driving me insane because all Google tells me is seven hundred other songs with the NahNahNah lyrics.

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