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What genre of music do you prefer to listen to when you're angry?

Metal 0.40625 40.6% [ 52 ]
Rap 0.0546875 5.5% [ 7 ]
Classical 0.1640625 16.4% [ 21 ]
Pop 0.1640625 16.4% [ 21 ]
Techno 0.15625 15.6% [ 20 ]
Country 0.0546875 5.5% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 128 ]
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My most sincere apologies, Pesmerga, but I have placed you on my ignore list. Thus, I cannot see a word you have said.

-I give a small smile, chuckling.-

I was rather shocked to see that it told me you quoted me. Such a shame that I cannot see your words.
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When I get angry or sad, I listen to White & Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic. I laugh everytime I here it. XD
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your post format tells me ditch everything you listen to and find better music like this

Thank you for posting this band discover them. love it.
I vote Jazz
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Fashionable Gekko

Either This Love by Maroon 5 or Octopus's Garden by The Beatles. heart emotion_bigheart
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Tipsy Gekko

Lamb of God, or Oomph!.
J Pesmerga
your post format tells me ditch everything you listen to and find better music like this

razz Nah, I like my music. You want a real taste of my musical interest? Look up Whitechapel. And I like the sharpness of my format, don't you? heart That song is very pretty.

I love Metal specially scremo when im mad wink
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Noelia Izanaminokami
I love Metal specially scremo when im mad wink

five bucks says this statement is incorrect
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Invisible Phantom

If I feel like staying mad for a while/ wallowing in self-righteousness, I'll go for [ MSI ] sometimes. I have to be the right sort of angry, otherwise I head to select songs by [ BVB ].

When I need to calm down, I might put on [ MCR ] or [ TDG ], as both of those put me in a good mood quickly.

I'm pretty chill most of the time despite it all, so I usually just listen to them because I feel like it atm~

@the haters that seem to populate wherever music is brought up;
Please don't even start. I don't only listen to bands like that. I like at least one song, if not band(s), from every genre I've encountered but dubstep. So unless you're convinced dubstep is the only genre worth anything, i probably like what you're listening to without you having to "convert me" or "save me from the ****ty music" or start cussing me out. Seriously.
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Ambient music is very calming in situations of anger for me.
Metal of course however tool is always a good zone band so its hard to say. Depends on the reason for being angry I suppose.
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Morte Et Dabo - Asking Alexandria
Probably either synthpop or like trance or dance or chillwave or something.

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