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This forum is for discussion of all things MTV - from its legacy of music videos, to its cartoons and other features, including and especially including The Hills.

Read on, follow these rules and the Terms of Service, and enjoy!
The forum rules:

1. About music vs. music video discussion.

While MTV got its start with music videos, and still shows them along with other stuff, this is not a Music forum - discussion of music videos is fine, but discussion of the music itself belongs in an appropriate Music forum.

2. About spam.

As excited as you all are about getting to talk about MTV, stay on topic. Spam is not welcome here, and will be moved to the Chatterbox or removed as necessary.

3. About discussion content.

We encourage posting that generates interesting discussion here - threads that do not generate discussion on their own will be moved. That said, "hate threads" are allowed, so long as they follow the Terms of Service and focus on discussing why X is being hated (or not.)

4. About repeat threads.

Considering the diversity of MTV's product, we shouldn't see many threads about the exact same thing. Look at the first two pages of the forum before you create a thread - if you see discussion content of what you were about to post, post in that thread. Repeat threads are subject to recycling.
Reporting Problems and Contacting Moderators

Sometimes problems come up that require moderator involvement. They can be simple, like a misplaced thread, or a bit more involved, like a user abusing or harassing another user.

Reporting a Misplaced or Problem Thread

Sometimes threads crop up in the forum that might be better off in another forum. Sometimes a thread is a ToS violation and needs to be removed.

On the bottom left of your window you can see a button labelled "Report this Topic". Click it and fill out the report form.

Reporting a Problem Post

Whenever you see ToS or forum violations that aren't the first post of a thread (these include spamming, trolling, and 'naughty picture' posting, among other things), you can use the User Image button to alert a moderator to the problem.
Click it and fill out the report form.

Please be sure that if you use Report a Thread, that you are reporting the whole thread; and that if you use Report a Post, you are reporting the single post. 3nodding

Reporting Harassment/Scamming/Hacking

If you have one of these issues, please report them using the appropriate form. They can be found at the bottom of the main forum page and also here:

Report a Hacking: ONLY use this if you believe someone has entered your account without permission.
Report a Scamming: If a user tries to (or does) trick you into trading or giving away items, or promises to give you an item or gold and does not do so, use this form. (Password "scamming" should not be reported with this form, but by reporting the thread, post, or PM.)
Report Abuse or Harassment: Use this if you believe a user is stalking, continually flaming, or otherwise harassing you.

Fill out the reason box with as much information as you can think of that will help the mods to solve the case. This includes anything from quotes, to screencaps, to profile links.

When and How to Contact a Mod Directly

Here are some examples of when you should contact a mod directly:
  • People posting offensive images, such as pornography
  • People spamming off-site advertisement
  • People scam spamming

If you want to contact a moderator directly for the above, or perhaps to ask a question or get clarification, to report something more complicated that doesn't fit into the above links, or to report a signature if you can't find a post of the user's to report, simply PM an online mod with a link to the user's profile. Make sure you title the PM something relevant so the mod knows it's not spam.

You can find online moderators by following the "View Forum Moderators" link at the top of the forum.

Mods will NEVER ask for your password If anyone asks you for your password, report it. If it's in a thread, report the thread or post; if it's a PM, report the PM.

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