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[MTV] Julie
They were about to get married! Is this nightmare couple meant to be or is the world doomed when they’re together? What advice would you give them? For more info go to The Hills.

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I think she is stupid for staying with him, he's a goofy butthole. But she had an excellent opportunity and she threw it away to stay with him. She deserves her life of misery and Spencer problems.
the hills is so fake. heidi could do so much better. if she had a brain, she wouldn't just up and quit her job like that. bugs me cuz she was getting somewhere with her job and to throw it all away, that's really lame./
are you kidding?! No. Spence is such a p***k!
no one likes him. Heidi is likable when she's not with him.The Hills would be sooo much better if he weren't there.
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burning_eyes Yes. cus lame people should be with other lame people! What a waste of a show. Blah!!!! burning_eyes
I don't like either of them.
I don't care if they're together or not.
I do think Heidi is too good for Spencer, though.
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I liked Heidi before she got with Spencer. But since they got together, she became a total b***h. I don't care if they're together or not. THEY JUST NEED TO STAY THE HELL OFF TV ALREADY!!!! DIE OFF!!!
Did anyone see the promo for next season??? something about Heidi's sister moving in and then Spencer kicking out. I would be sooo pissed if my boyfriend did that.
HELL NO .....Spencer is a Jerk and HEIDI deserve better than that. exclaim idea
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i dont think they should get back together... Spencer is always cheating on her and hitting on other gurls, i hate him, open your eyes Heidi
no !!

hes the main reason that heidi and LC arent friends !
o hell no i ******** hate spencer he is the worst jackass ever!!! if i ever ******** see him omfg would i kick him in the a**. this is how much i hate him scream scream scream scream scream he gonna get a knife in his chest
No. They're like the most dramatic couple on television.

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