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Lo or Audrina?

Lo is right. SCREW YOU, CHELSEE! 0.28837209302326 28.8% [ 62 ]
Audrina FTW. 0.16744186046512 16.7% [ 36 ]
I like them both. D: 0.33953488372093 34.0% [ 73 ]
I like Lauren's hair. 0.2046511627907 20.5% [ 44 ]
Total Votes:[ 215 ]
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Is Audrina right about Lo screwing up her relationship with Lauren?
I think so. :/
I neeeeeeever liked Lo, even back in the Laguna Beach days. She's just way too immature, and I feel bad for Audrina for being replaced by such a girl.
Anyone agree?
I totally
Lauren and Audrina where great friends
until Lo started hanging around more
It seems like Lauren doesn't act like herself when she's with Lo.
Like she doesn't pay as much attention to Audrina
I agree too. Lo is so rude to Audrina and as soon as she tries to confront Audrina, she decides to basically blame Audrina, which I don't think she should have done considering , its all her fault.

you know who else I dont like? Spencer!
i totally agree. Whenever Lauren and audrina talk or are alone to just have some girl time Lo has to come and ruin everything.and when it was stephanie's bday. Lo looked like a mouse in tin foil. Lo is so annoying and should live alone. I want her to know wat it feels like to live in the guest room ALONE AND LONELY. that would make the show better. when audrina and lauren were living together it was fine. Everything was fine. And the The devil came. and ruined everything
lol is sucha bish like in one episode when they movied into their new house and they just bought a puppy los like now the puppy can go to school and say she has two moms! right infront of audrina! i hate her!
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I like both of them..Lauren and Audrina are great friends
until Lo started hanging around more.. I don;t like spencer and heidi because they are immature and tries to get people or viewer attention on tv..
I hate Lo, just looking at her kinda' bothers me.
I hate how she says Audrina isn't trying, but Lo isn't really trying either.

I missed the last few episodes. D:

And the Spencer and Heidi thing.
I honestly think they should gtfo the show.
i actually cant stand lo,
watchin her on the hills and laguna beach is actually painful,
my brother dont like her tooo lolz,
even when hes just seen flicks of it he cant stand her

I agree.
I like Audrina better than Lo.
Considering Lo and Lauren are friends in real life and Audrina and Lauren are just friends on the show.... Um, Lo.
BOTH heart
i like them both yay
luv them both xd xd xd xd
i like laurens hair 3nodding

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