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whee yall shold make up
i don't really watch the show a lot but from what i have seen im on lauren side talk2hand
Laurennn!! heart heart heart
[MTV] Julie
Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s side are you on??? Heidi may have done a bad thing but does Lauren have a stone cold heart? Hey, does it even matter anymore? It’s been going on for a year now. Do you think it's time the girls gave up the fighting and made up? Do you think they'll ever be friends again?" For more info go to The Hills.

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i think they should just forget it and be happy p.s. im nuetral
mad i really don't like heidi, she is so selfish, her and spencer both, they don't care about charity or anything.... as long as they are happy they don't care about anybody else!!! mrgreen Lauren on the other hand, is a sweet girl, she may be a little bi***y but other than that, i think she cares alot more than heidi and spencer ever will.
im team L.C!!!
they should become friends again !
thats a ok show
sweatdrop crying xd heart surprised eek Hello!! rofl dramallama emo
I really enjoyed Heidi before the whole Spencer fiasco. She seemed more of herself, and not so "brain washed", but nowadays, I'd have to go with Lauren. I feel she's grown up a lot since Laguna Beach and handles situations very maturely and throughout. Nothing ever seems like a spur of the moment decision or irrational with her. Team LC!
I DONT LIKE HEIDI SHE IS A b***h BUT LAUREN IS HOT AND I LOVE HER.[/I think both girls had their point but now it's time to drop it and grow up!quote]
i think that they need to stop fighting and make up or evreythig will get bad and it will be over

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