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You stopped believing in the Easter Bunny?
You stopped believing in the Easter Bunny?

When i realized chickens lay eggs, so why does the easter bunny leave them?
Everyone told me he lays them, but rabbits give birth i knew that.
no logic. but about 5 or 6
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The Easter Bunny is fake?!?!? cry
emotion_jawdrop HE ISNT REAL!!!??? emotion_kirakira
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I never did. :'(
I wish I did though.
i hate how everything is so like all made up when our parents should've just told us the truth so we dont have our hopes up
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i never did
HE'S REAL ISN'T HE?!?!?!?!
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when i was 6 and found my stuff from the easter bunny in my parents closet.
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When I was maybe five I might've believed in the Easter Bunny. XP
Between 6-8
u stoped eating your nails , lool
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I don't even remember when I stopped.
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I never did.
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i dont think i ever believed in the easter bunny because my mom was always like "that was something fake made by man to over shadow Jesus on his day" i never really cared i just wnated candy.

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