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u can't blame them
for the whole day they though there was a item lol everyone knows we r getting cat faces this year
am i right?
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Everyone was doing it. It was quite annoying. Trying to summon ya'll like friggin Odanodan and s**t xDDDD
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You have the power of making gaians desperate and the act of begging .

You should be proud .

Kudos to you . emotion_awesome
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That's funny. Don't they know that today is April 1st...geesh.
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            I know right? It's so strange and I have been wondering the same s**t man.....


                      Where have you been during the event?
                      -was searching everywhere-
                      But yeah, it is ******** epic XDDDD


                                Apparently, not.
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Dante Horror - anon


            Where have you been during the event?
            -was searching everywhere-
            But yeah, it is ******** epic XDDD

I'm ultra paranoid about April Fools' so I try to avoid anything relating to it xD
But I wanted to come out and say hi to you guys ; o ;
It's hysterical actually xD
Ruykii Kiryu

          Yes, yes it was.


                  Thanks for noticing emotion_awesome


                          Eh, guess not, but still man...

                          Little Ladii Luck

                                  Man, I do not envy that leprechaun on Saint Patty's day. sweatdrop

                                  S m e x y k i n s"[/quote]

                                          I don't see what is so exhilarating about having users beg for things, it's quite unbecoming.

                                          The Raven Mistress
                                          vgv6khp9:35="The Raven Mistress

                                                  Oh, they know it's April 1st

                                                  Hyper Somnia

                                                  Thanks emotion_awesome
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Twin? ... bump

            So then you weren't hiding from me?
            -cute face-

            ******** yeah it is, but I still wanted to set it strait...because damn o.o;
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Well thena, good job! 8D
I got fooled, and was looking for you guys like special event suprise
They probably said there's a trigger word in the vain hope that there really is one. But that's okay, you just get to laugh at all the people who got unintentionally (or intentionally too, I guess) trolled. Or this is a troll's attempt at trolling you by giving you a heck of a lot more threads to read by spreading that, haha.
How anybody thought that anons would be granting this event item is beyond me.
Whoever started that rumor supertrolled the forum pretty well.
Ruykii Kiryu


                    No, we are not a special event surprise, just your typical gift anons enjoying an event with the users.
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Dante Horror - anon

No problem, you creepy, creepy-looking person... creature thing biggrin

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