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sleep well dead one <3
Kill bunnies in your sleep 4laugh
Dante Horror - anon

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н є l l г ค เ ร є г

Have I not been too long in the shadows of invention and creation.
As I rightfully behold the flesh, fear of the conscious mind will have you facing away.

[►] I hate anons.
All they do is fill my invo with junk.

My word and world holds ground and is real.
Your word is like floods of poisoned water, a language spoken with spit from different tongues.
did you have fun, Dante?
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Dante Horror - anon

            So then you weren't hiding from me?
            -cute face-

            ******** yeah it is, but I still wanted to set it strait...because damn o.o;

No, because you guys are awesome (and scary, but awesome) c:

Heh, Gaia should anounce that you guys aren't NPCs at the start of the event next time.
Dante Horror - anon
Rubai Sora



                That sucks, and gaia held the event on said day just for said reason.
                Too keep anyone that had to go to bed early/study, from doing so.

That's so funny! I was babysitting and came across the pic of the Horror Twins and it scared the crap out of the kid. I felt bad, but it was also epic and I couldn't stop laughing! Anyways, I was all over these threads trying to figure out what the heck was going on and frankly...I think ultimately the joke was definitely on us. Good Fun. Frustrating, but good! It was a scavenger hunt alright! BTW, I Love your avi!
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Corpse-Bride Anon
Dante Horror - anon

I understand perfectly, and I shall tell her you said hi, maybe that will get her to come on.

We enjoy having you around as well, and we did have fun with the event, but we retired from gifting awhile ago. Need to start preparing for Easter.

Oh, that is the next weekend, is it not? I shall have to see if I am able to come on a bit-I have some things to do in the Downstairs world-decorations and whatnot-but I shall see if I can stop by for a little bit.

I have started collecting things for my gifts, though I am not sure which things I shall be collecting for Easter's holiday. Perhaps I can give out boxes of chocolate, or small rabbits, like in my living days.
You guys are so cool! and I Love your avi as well! Ariel's too! It is so much fun just reading and getting to know interesting people, dead or not. Even after 5 yrs. here i'm still learning about my world of Gaia!
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Dante Horror - anon

                          It is ******** hilarious that you guys actually believe we are going to gift you, just because you say you love us.


I still love you
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Your avatar is giving my avatar nightmares.
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Love the Horror Twins!
Yesterday it was a Big mistake from me and I must say Excuse!I've think one of you has me Invite!I was alone in the thread no one has answer me but it was another!!So Excuse Excuse Excuse for the bad Word`s! User Image
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Hopefully things will be more calm come Easter for you two.
( Same time, a test to see if the anon sub-forum is actually true. )

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