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Diedrich... Happy Birthday
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aphelia the vampire
aphelia the vampire
Fatass. Diedrich is a fatass
Your tone seems very pointed right now.

I was aiming for the "sharp stick" tone so thank you.
You're very welcome! I was feeling more of the "nail sharp" tone, so I guess you really hit the nail on the head, so to speak!

Well, I do try to please. ^ ////^
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Sugary Bear

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12edPop Night Rain

he is simply the best npc.

i wish we had all turned into diedrich clones.

that woulda been mathematical.
cool avi

ducks are quite the sexy beasts
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No s**t?

That's awesome, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE'S FAVE GRUNNY! emotion_bigheart
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Sweet Traveler

Happie Birthday Diedrich~ yum_puddi

heart classified_diedrich heart

heart classified_diedrich heart

Yay! Diedrich is awesome. ^ .^

heart classified_diedrich heart

I LOVE DIEDRICH. emotion_kirakira

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Aged Gearhead


I hate that green bunny thing. He's only getting a birthday glare from me.

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