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D: oh wow yea same for me, but im trying really hard to over come it, its just not easy maybe its a genetic thing.... I actually used to draw like you too. I havent gotten a chance to draw through photoshop because my tablet pc died on me before i got the chance to get into it v-v oh well things die unforunately. :O ooh cool and aww! YAY (reason why i always have koala & kitty equiped is because koala= my bf & kitty= my kitty i used to have haha yesh im weird like that) O>O wowie your drawings sound intense! i wanna see XD i love looking at other peoples art, it makes me miss drawing XD

Yeah, but it's hard. I used to be able to stay really positive all the time, but lately it's just worn me out to the point where I'm constantly negative and struggling to not let it show x.x I guess it could be from genetics, but I've grown up in an environment so bad that when a neighbor called the child protective services (CPS) and they came to interview my siblings and me about our day-to-day lives and everything in between, they turned away saying it was too unbelievable, like we were just throwing out there every bad thing we could think of, and so they didn't help and just left :/
Aww cool! Can I see some of your art? x333 That happened to me too a few years ago!!!!! First my family picked up and moved from Boston to Texas, so I dropped art for a while, and then my computer crashed and when I bought a laptop the tablet and photoshop wouldn't work on it until my boyfriend fixed it with his amazing computer skills! xD
Cutee!! xD But why does the koala resemble your boyfriend? Haha don't worry, I'm equally a nut xD
Exactly! I figured I should go all out for my concentration and make it different than anything the colleges have ever seen x3 Once I get all the pieces done and put them in order I'll definitely show you! ^-^ LOL! Looking at other people's art is what finally got me back into drawing xD
Oh! And I finished this! whee
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there was no item?
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Happy April Fools Day.
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Happy april fools razz it was my birthday on that day ><
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nice avi
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nice avi

ty :3

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