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free money also?

Yus~ 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 209 ]
Nu! 0.038277511961722 3.8% [ 24 ]
Well, that would be splendid my dear~ 0.29346092503987 29.3% [ 184 ]
GIMME DAT GOLD 0.33492822966507 33.5% [ 210 ]
Total Votes:[ 627 ]
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yum_puddi Hello everyone~! I will now be gifting the person above me, i havent done this in forever! Haha.
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one more. <3 oh no not Mesmerized Delusions. what is this your 5 time now lol?
Last one (:
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let's see who is above me~
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p o m m e - p a n
p o m m e - p a n
tanp-san DDD:
you have to gift items 500g+ >.<
but its ok this time, just remember for next time! C:

some one give me that so I just gave it to you. I been get 1g - 20g items.
and you did not give me an item.
tell the person who sends you these items that theyre breaking the rules sweatdrop

all the stuff that im getting thats under 500g i just trash and go buy them a new one sweatdrop

a lot of people do not care they looking for a lot more then what they are giving.
I felt bad for you after reading that so I made sure I got you something worth quite a bit (30k I think it was?)
Your wishlist was a bit out of my price range as I'm gifting a lot this event but I tried to go with what you seem to like <3333

I wonder who I get to gift this time ninja
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let's see who is above me~
nice avi eek

oh ty. I will give it to my little sis.
she like item like this. I will tell her it is form you. 4laugh
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I giftception gaia_kittenstar

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