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Thank you! I was wondering! This is certainly an interesting thing to happen in an event.
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Thanks for the clarification. All of the posts about "I love Horror Twins" was confusing me terribly.
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Okay, now I'm sure that this isn't some pair of random NPCs wondering around the forum. Thank you for the information. cat_3nodding

Now, then... the big question of the matter, if no one has asked already, is this : what kind of gifts do these twins bring? cat_neutral
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Aww, that's nice of them! And you too, for making this thread! Thanks for clearing up the confusion! c: <3
oh so they are just regular users then.
I thought they gave out special items whee

So does anyone know what item we get for the event?
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Good to know that some Anons are outdoing an event.
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Ok, so I got a poster, opened a thread (after reading the thing about the convo between the three guys. . .) and it said "I love the horror twins" over and over. . . so confuzed. Thanks for clarifying that for me/us : )
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Omg! People on gaia are so stinking greedy!! Drives me nuts. Is all we get for the april fools day event a poster?
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idk what the horror twins are emotion_eyebrow n im ultra sads that i missed the event emotion_bigvein gonk stupid computer had to be a bum emotion_donotwant
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I'm needing to say something. Sunday I crossed a line in doing something stupid without asking the twins first. I am not exactly with them. Yes I am allowed or was to play their mother but forgot to do a few things that would have been respective for them.

If you're reading this, I am not the best writer but i want to get my voice heard. I never meant for anyone to try and get into the "horror" family, it had been a honor for Dante to tell me though I forgot to tell Aeriel about it and I am deeply ashamed by my actions. I had told a few people they could help but I think my meaning was taking differently then what i meant it to.

Thank you,
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I've never even heard of the horror twins until today. O_o
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Dante Horror - anon

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