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Simon Coneja

Would you please draw my avi? Only playign the guitar not having ot mounted on my back. Musical aura too? Please
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Only if you are feeling it.
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Sneaker Pimps
Tako Pin
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ninja Could you please draw this avi? X
This was my favorite digymon! heart

User Image
Sorry for the late reply. Ditto.
Simon Coneja
Just as the name implies. Reply with a ninja for free art.

If you aren't feeling your current avatar, I'll draw your Dream Avi.

edit: I might not get all of these done D: if i dont draw yours it's not because i dont want to, it's that i just physically and mentally said "PUDGE IT I'M GOING HOME" I promise all of your avatars are sweet batchin' and cool. I'm just lazy.

You know you can't resist drawing me.
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ninja can you include me name so people won't steal
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I know he is awesome!

yesh he is ive been tryn to find fma on dvd for years now but i can never find it so im stuck wathcin every sunday on adultswim
Hastings has brotherhood and some others best buy has brotherhood.

o koolbeans do u kno anywhere that sells the original too?

Um.. I think Hastings you could try barnes and noble online.

thanks lol u rock ima try it

Your welcome ^___^
Simon Coneja

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Lonely Bookworm

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