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I see how you left out "to do so is an abomination before Yahweh."

That's where the hate comes from. It's the next line in the quote in the OP, btw.
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I see how you left out "to do so is an abomination before Yahweh."

That's where the hate comes from. It's the next line in the quote in the OP, btw.

I'm pretty sure that's an OT quote.
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i don't think i ever once forced my opinion on anyone.

Your opinion was not very good. It was not very well thought out. It was not very considerate of the legal needs of others.

To say "I think you should be deprived of fundamental human rights because I think your sexuality is 'weird'" is to justify bigotry in the weakest of possible language.

I really don't care if your bigotry is based upon your thinking legal equality is "weird". I really don't care if your bigotry is based upon your religious views.

One's opinion, in and of itself, isn't really valuable. It doesn't contribute to the conversation, it doesn't have a polemic value. Unless you can justify your opinion somehow, it's worthless (as in it has no worth). It's not hard to have an opinion on something and doing so is not likely to gain you any supporters in this particular subforum. If you want somewhere to just express your opinion, I suggest you remain in the non extended discussion sections.

Everything stated above is pretty worthless.. man, opinions huh?
What about the bigger issue? It's up to god to judge and deliver; if you actively hate and abuse homosexuals then you are playing the role of god. Given the amount of anti-abortion crap I've heard, isn't playing the role of god supposed to be bad?
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...wow -.-'

Im honestly not that religious, so don't expect anything from the Bible supporting anything I say but..

Regardless of someone's sexual orientation, that person is God's child. Someone once told me that God loves all Of his children, regardless of his/her flaws, mistakes, choices in life, etc.

I support homosexuality & gay marriage 100%. Why deny a human being the right to be with the person they love & want to spend their lives with, all because of the fact that they're gay?

Marriage between a man and a woman was never "legalized". Why should a marriage between a woman & a woman or a man & a man have to be illegal? What is the big deal? If two people love each other, that should
be enough. Their marriage doesn't affect any of you in any way. Why deprive a group of their happiness all because of their differences?

If you ask me, God would be disappointed in everyone of his children who are taking away the rights of others. We're all different. You can't force someone to change their orientation.

This is just like how we treated African Americans so long ago. They were discriminated against all because of their skin color. Families torn apart, made into slaves, suffered, had no rights, no property because THEY were property. Tell me how God must have felt about that?

He surely can't be happy about the treatment of homosexuals. It's not as bad as the example above, but it's bad enough. Imagine what it must be like to not be allowed to marry the person you LOVE. All of the discrimination, the fear, the abuse.

If God loves all his children, those who are homosexual are no exception. There's no sin in being gay. It's simply a part of who you are. What's sad is some people have difficulty seeing that.

Eventually they will be permitted to marry, and people in the future will look at this wondering why people would try to prevent it in the first place :I.
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After all, if they hate abortions, who has less abortions then gays?

Onto a more serous note.

What is so wrong about a man loving another man, or a man loving another woman?

Yes, in the Bible it says that "man shouldn't lay with another man as he does with women." or whatever it is. But it doesn't say you have to hate them and keep them from marrying and beat them up kill them just because they're different. Why let all of the blaspheming atheists and Buddhists and Muslims and Pagans and all the other faiths marry?

And how does them marrying affect your life?

"A relationship should be a man and a woman so that we can keep populating!"

What about all of the people who use contraceptives? Or have abortions? Or a sterile? Should they still get to marry even though they don't have children?

After all, at least the gays will be the ones adopting all of the poor children that live in orphanages. ((not saying that heterosexual people don't adopt))

What's so bad about being gay?

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True it does say that....its not up too us to judge gay ppl or lesbians on what they do and yes God does love all children s**t he even loved Hitler that is until the afterlife and that is until God puts his Judgement on you.......the same for gays, God doesnt like Gay ppl or lesbians he thinks its a disqusting and disgrace he is willing to forgive if you repent but if you dont........Its too the slammer of burny dephts of hell with you.....Kinda sucks you get judged by ppl for being gay in real life and then when your dead you end up going to hell....
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1) Is it true that most of this anti-homosexuality stuff in the bible comes from Leviticus?
2) Doesn't Leviticus have a lot of rules that are useless and stupid and not followed anymore?
I wish I knew.

yes including the laws such as masturbation being a sin and if a partner in a married couple is infertile then if they copulate they are sinning, nothing on rape or kiddie touching though.

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