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appeal to nature is appeal to nature
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It is found through scientific and historic explanation that homosexuality is very natural and normal. Some animals like lions, chimpanzees, gulls, ducks, and even worms. Scientists say that there are over 1500 different animals that practice homosexuality. During the old, Roman times, homosexuality was very widely accepted. It was considered holy in the presence of the Gods and Goddesses. However, to some people like from the Bible, homosexuality is considered an abomination even though homosexuality was practiced since near the beginning of time. So I would say that homosexuality is very natural.

Actually, the only bits in the Bible against homosexuality were from Paul--who thought ALL sex was sinful and wrong--and a Holy Code that really only applies to priests and workers of the church, and look how THAT turned out with the whole scandal against the Catholic priests.
Yes, but that's not... really a good argument. It's been said, and it doesn't actually mean anything.

When people bring up lesbian lizards and gay penguins and so on and so forth, they are silently conceding to the idea that "natural" is always good and "unnatural" is always bad. Which is also fairly ridiculous, not to mention confusing. How do you even define "natural"? Because there are a lot of definitions. I'd say natural and possible are synonymous. Some people say that "God's law" is "natural law." And some people seem to think that natural means "no human intervention," and only applies to plants and animals, even though humans are a part of nature too. So often when you're arguing about what's natural, you don't even realize you're arguing about the definition of the word itself.

This is really just not a good argument to bring out when defending sexuality; there are way too many pitfalls. And in the end, you're usually trying to argue this with some bigoted assface that has decided that a magic man in the sky thinks you're wrong. I wouldn't bother.

The Teiidae is a species of lizard that has two subspecies of all female or nearly all female populations. The females reproduce by parthenogenisis. To do this they have to use pseudocopulation. Or all the females have to have sex with each other.

God made lesbian lizards!!!!!!!

Actually, there's like 1,500 animals that exhibit homosexual behaviour, but those pesky religious people don't like being proven wrong do they? razz

Who says homosexuality is unnatural?

Idiots, I'd say.

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