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I am a spiritual free agent. My only god is love and universal resonance.

The universe is way to large and complex for me to fully understand, so why would I pledge myself to one tiny perspective?
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I am a Christian wanna be.. Because when jesus was in the flesh and founded the disciples I was not present.. I am the remnents of the unholy fornication of countless men and woman.. Im the seed of evil men.. liars and most of all hipocrites.. I am born into babylon of the day and age and seek to shed my evil shell and pull what decency of a soul I have left put and unto the GOD of Moses and Abraham..

That being said.. I am like a convict seeking salvation.. A repeat offender who's only hope lies in the love of christ.

I love christ. And thats all my loving family has..

It is said "Once done in the mind is done" right?

So even pondering an evil act gives inclination you dare to fathom it and wrap your mind around it meaning you just did it in the eyes of the lord.. People dont sem to get that.. and call themselves good.. which means they are also liars and part of the problem..

A light is one who stands before the lord and bares his/her shame yet stands against it in every sense on every level.. And until tha happens.. you cannot claim to be a true servant of the Lord. You are just another hipocrite.. Fooling yourself.

And thats the honest to god truth.
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New Age Religion (spread partially by a person named Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka) because it connects with my beliefs and logic. Also because it gives you no other to judge your actions. It's empowering and I find no fault in any world spoken.
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I'm wiccan. emotion_bigheart
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Jewish (by birth)
I am a Non-denominational Christian. This means that I believe that Spliting Christianity into separate groups (Methodists, Babtists, Catholicts, etc.) Is not right, and not what God wants. It even says in the Bible, (John 17:1-all) That Jesus prayed to God for everyone to be as one; Just as God and him. I'm not a Christian because of my family. In fact, I'm the only Christian in my home. I am a Christian becuase personal experiences, belief, and just the will of my heart. I cannot make my mind think a certain way to make it so it seems Christianity is unreal. I believe because I know what I'm believing. As long as you have Jesus, the Messiah, and our own God Almighty in your heart, you are saved. And you shall go to heaven. emotion_c8
A taoist. A tired taoist... I need sleep. >.>
Christian heart
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I am an Atheist who believes strongly in real world logos and the communication of all things into language within the mind.

Color, taste, sound, and such are all messages to be interpreted by our minds into a reality. Since we perceive similar things, humans seem to share a reality with all living things, so i tend to lean towards a possibility of universal understanding.

This does not mean i believe in a higher authority or power in the vernacular sense so much as a true reality.
A sufi.... emotion_bigheart
Jewish (by birth)
..so you're a non-practicing Jew?
Jewish (by birth)
..so you're a non-practicing Jew?
Well... the last time i went to a Synagoge i was 5,and a year later it colsed down so i haven't been sence.Were i live there isn't another one within 1,000 miles in any direction.

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