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So in this person's view Emotion = Spirituality = Religion right? I call bull. Those are three separate things. They may sometimes be connected by experience but they are not the same.

That was my thought as well.
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To me, spiritual experiences are experiences that you feel that cannot easily be described in words. It's the magic that exists despite all the order and systems we create to contain it. It is the beautiful chaos of the world from which all order stems. Much the same is emotion, is color, is pitch, is existence. Describe to me in words the hue of green the particularities of a textured b flat, the seething depths of hatred. Now describe to me god, life, the magic of existence. It is from these chaotic, unexplainable phenomena that art stems and from art, meaning; from meaning, logic; from logic math and sciences. Spiritual experience, these indefinable demons and angels of our consciousness, are the unstructured nature of reality, of our mind, of god.

At least IMHO
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I think emotion can be a hindrance in spirituality. I have seen many, emotional people thinking they were having a very spiritual time and many sober minded people, truly having a spiritual time. Being emotionally charged in a spiritual pep rally is not spirituality to me. I think it is deceptive.

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