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because they were medicated... because it took their soul away from them.

And you did.

Would you be sad for them?

Well, I'm not sure if all psychiatrists and doctors do or don't believe in souls so I'm not sure if that had been taken into account when formulating medicine.

I personally believe in them but I'm not sure if that's the right word to call them. wink

Thanks for that info, Deoridhe.
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Also, if you believe that your soul is separate from your physical body then you have nothing to worry about.

I would be more worried about those who are literally forcing you to take your medication (assuming what you are implying is true) considering that any deity, should they exist, probably doesn't like the idea of mortals playing around with brain chemistry, at least in a fictitious sense.

Why do you think that? (not trying to be obnoxious, just trying to understand why some specific diety(s) don't want us to change brain chemistry.


In reality though, if i were God i would let you in, provided you left the meds behind. Of course, before i let you in i'd have to ask you one question that you'd be required to answer...

Why didn't you stop taking them when you had the chance?

How did you know he would have had the chance?
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Dude...if you think there is a heaven then chances are medicine wont stop you. Doesnt your bible say something about "God only helps those who help themselves?"

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