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I'm back from Ohayocon~! It was loads and loads of fun. ^^ I'll be jumping into the discussion later on--right now I'm trying to relax from the stress of travel and conventions.

1. God is the creator and sustainer of the Universe andeverything that dwells in it. There are so many things that make up God he is incomprehensible to men. God wants all of his creation to enjoy themselves and live a good life. He also never stops creating in the eternal existence of creation.

Wow jeeze you didn't have to quote the entire first post. XD All well~

I like your idea of God. ^^

2. Athesits and non-Christians are God's people just like us only they are misguided in their beliefs.

Why are atheists and non-Christians misguided? What about people of non-Christian religions? How do you know for sure that Christianity is the correct 'way'?

3. I think that Christians are against LGBT which I assume is what you mean by X based on what you described above is becasuse intimacy is between men and women not any other way.

Not really--X could have been anything: gay marriage, female clergy, suicide (some sects at least), contraceptives, premarital sex, certain KINDS of sex, paganism, abortion, the list goes on and on and on and ON.

But anyway . . . why are sexual relations only between a man and woman? Are gay people denied the right to a spouse? You also didn't factor in people who are transgender or genderqueer--what about them? What about people who are bisexual or pansexual--they still like the opposite sex, but also the same, so what about them?

Sorry for all the questions--trying to get the discussion going here so I wanna hear more of your thoughts. XD
The Burning Furnace
Was heavily Christian during my childhood, always went to church, all that
Then I actually read the Bible and realized that Christianity is less about loving your fellow man and showing humility and more about condemning others and supremacy, that its not universal for all mankind but in fact very tribal and supremacist, and that God is not a loving, all knowing creator but jealous, arrogant and malevolent. If anything I think Satan is more the hero of the Biblical story considering he unleashed humanity from the shackles of ignorance.

I think if Christianity was more like the mainstream idea of it it would be a much more appealing faith system to me, but theres so many contradictions in the Bible I dont see how any thinking person can still believe in after actually reading it front to cover.

I think it's important to note that the Bible was written by human beings, on top of being translated over and over and over again for thousands of years, into thousands of different languages. I think it's safe to say that there's more than a few errors. The Bible DOES have good things to say, but I also agree with you that it says a lot of horrible things, too.

My suggestion is to take what it says with a grain of salt. It's just a book, and I think we Christians put too much levity on it and do what it says unquestionably rather than using our brains and hearts to consult our own spirituality and moral conscience.

But . . . just cause the Bible has some mistakes doesn't necessarily mean the religion itself is bad. There are other resources Catholics use besides the Bible, and many Christians are encouraged to pray and meditate on the things they're taught in Christianity--it is, after all, about having a relationship with God.

Sometimes it's a lot wiser to listen to God directly--I've had this experience myself when it comes to LGBTQA rights. Just cause the Catholic church said it was bad doesn't mean I automatically believe it, because my spiritual experiences and the time I spend with God tells me otherwise. Prosecuting people because of who they are just doesn't sit right with me . . .

As for Satan freeing humans from ignorance, I don't think it's . . . that . . . literal. The story of Eden is considered a creation myth by many sects of Christianity, and was an explanation that made sense in the context of 6,000 years ago, when people knew a lot less.

Whether or not Eden actually existed, we don't know. And I think it's safe to say we would have died out long, LONG ago if we had all been descended from just two people--and that would require incest too. And genetic issues. And just . . . yeeaaaaah. >.>

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