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I don't know how many people said aarrhhg... but arrhhg
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Because of how it sounds when you shout it. wink
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Arrgh: It transcends over the language barrier into a realm where almost anyone can use it to signify the likeness of "pirate."
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I personally like keelhaul the best. O:
Why...Landlubber be me favourite pirate word aye!

Thar be alliteration an onomatapoeia abound and thar be grreat japes to be 'ad when trying to say ye old landlubber whilst supping on me bottle of rum...yo ho ho!!!

Garrr landlubber be good hearty fun to watch walk thar plank too!

Arrrr Gerty!
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Da bloons! Argh, that word be the funniest one yeh ever huuuurd! It always made me think of a chest of balloons! Hah hah hah!
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My favorite pirate word is "booty," because it makes me giggle. Also, I like shiny things and pirate booty = shiny things. Clearly I'm ridiculously mature. redface
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first: belay>>>For the scene in Pirates of the Carribean when Captain Jack goes off Belay that! belay! Stow! SHUT IT!
second: keelhaul >>>freaking scary, who thought of that and what's wrong with ppl that it seemed like a good idea?
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I like "poop deck" mrgreen

edit: I forgot to say WHY I like "poop deck" ~
because it just sounds funny (for obvious reasons) lol
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My favorite pirate word is scallywag cause its just so much fun to call people that. biggrin
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I am SO looking forward to the Halloween event!
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Aekea Bunny

What’s your favorite Pirate Word and why!


Seems like a nice way to address a young person
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Parley - A parley is a conversation between opposing sides to discuss a halt to the fighting or related matters.

Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, that word stuck to me. I even find myself saying it in conversations. There is a certain ring to it that I cant really explain but its by far, my favorite pirate word!
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My favorite pirate word isn't really a word, it's a phrase, from the end of the first Pirates of the Carribean movie
"now...bring me that horizon."

I really like it because, all plundering and pillaging aside, Pirates are sailors who decided to fly under their own flag because they love the sea. To be able to travel anywhere just because you wanted to, forgetting everything else but the crew, the sky, and the waves....

That be a true pirates calling, lad.
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I think this contest would be fun XD

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