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nerdy booboo13's avatar

Shirtless Werewolf

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The rotted cheek and I think I should win because I've never won anything before and I would use the money to set up a guild against bullying
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Reply to this post with your favorite Gaia Halloween Themed Item and why to be entered to win 100k gold

My favorite items are the Candy Corn Witchling Dress, Hat and Broom. As you can see, my avatar is wearing it at the moment. I like these particular items because they're cute and perfect for Halloween. I would wear these items in real life if I could ! But, sadly, because of Hurricane Sandy, I can't. It's supposed to rain all week and Halloween is ruined sad
sykocat's avatar

karmas lure's Partner

Assimilated Raider

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My fave Gaia Halloween item is the Blood Moon. It works with backgrounds, so you can spook up some already twisted backgrounds!
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Blessed Prophet

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  • Person of Interest 200
The Jacked-up Shirt. It's from the only halloween event that I missed on this website and I've wanted it ever since then, but never have enough to buy it. I would wear it in real life!

Same here!
ZarranaMiranda's avatar

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I like ALOT of the items XD mrgreen heart xp
musashi oda's avatar

Wealthy Werewolf

Ashelina JoIie
I love Anitipathy. (it has a Halloween tag so I'm including it in the Halloween items)
The gorier, the better. 4laugh
Needs moar gore!
i wald have ran so fast xDE
Cornix Cor's avatar

5,100 Points
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Team Edward 100
Ravenwood Manor 3rd Gen cuz its so goth...
prrrple's avatar

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The sparkle werewolf, if it counts. biggrin
The Royal Thornhall Collection, because it's so pretty!
My favorite item is Ravenwood Manor.
Because nothing is better the a Manor.
Rebellion19's avatar

Original Vampire

I like how Gaia is being innovative now with their new games. smile

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